SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera
SMART Dummy Camera

SMART Dummy Camera

Global Security Experts Inc
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Fools & Deters Burglars, Violent Home Invaders & Vandals into thinking their being recorded by expensive surveillance equipment.

Some may call it a dummy camera; however the OnGARD is actually quite smart in its ability to fool criminals into thinking their being recorded. With its ultra bright LED flashing light , authentic looking optical lens and fake broadcast antennas- even law enforcement will think the OnGARD dummy camera is the real thing. And unlike cheap dummy cameras - the OnGARD harnesses the power of the sun to power & recharge the internal batteries offering the homeowner years of maintenance - free service.

Remember, burglars, home invaders and vandals look for easy targets and seeing The OnGARD dummy camera typically sends the bad guys scrambling for an easier target.

Comparison Competitor Chart
Construction OnGARD Competitors
ABS Impact Resistant Plastic Yes No
Stainless Steel Screws Yes No
Ultra Violent Sun Inhibitor Yes No
Water Resistant & Gasket-ed Yes No
Features OnGARD Competitors
Over-sized Solar Charging Panel Yes No
Sun Driven Recharge Batteries Included Yes No
Over-sized - All Angle- Visible LED Flashing Bulb Yes No
Twin Dummy Antennas Yes No

    • The solar panel also helps eliminate the need to climb a dangerous ladder to install new batteries.

    • Includes the patent pending Hide - A - House Key feature. Hide your house key in the OnGARD camera.

    • Adjustable swivel mount, which mirrors the style of expensive security cameras.

    • Water resistant battery casing, protects camera against harsh conditions. Stainless steel screws for long lasting durability.

    • UV coating, protects the camera's casing against prolonged exposure from direct sunlight.

    • Two "dummy" antennas per camera replicate professional video transmitting antennas found on high-end security cameras.

      Tech Specs
        • Sun Driven Rechargeable Batteries Included

        • ABS Impact Resistant Plastic

        • Stainless Steel Screws

        • Ultra Violent Sun Inhibitor

        • Water Resistant & Gasket-ed

        • AAA Rechargeable Batteries (Installed)

        • Over-sized - All Angle- Visible LED Flashing Bulb

      What's in the Box, Tech Specs, & Warranty Info

      Parts Inventory:

        • Mounting Bracket

        • Mounting Bracket Screws

        • Rechargeable Batteries (Included & Installed)

        • Battery Cover & Screws (Already Installed)

      Material   ABS Plastic (corrosion-free)
      Dimension & Weight
      Dimensions   5"L x 3.5"W x 3.5"H
      Weight   1.05 lbs.
          OnGARD Competitors
      Warranty on Housing   5 years 1 year
      LED Bulb Warranty   Lifetime 1 year
      Care Guidelines

      Finish Care and Cleaning of OnGARD Dummy Camera. A mild soap may be gently used if very dirty. Particular care should be taken to avoid thinners and strong cleaning solvents as they can damage the finish. Initial care for finishes requires only periodic cleaning with mild non-abrasive soap and extremely light buffing with a soft cloth.