Global Security Experts, Inc. Issues Consumer Alert Against Counterfeit OnGARD SMART Dummy Cameras

Global Security Experts, Inc. issued a consumer alert warning against counterfeit OnGARD Dummy Cameras originating in China. The counterfeit cameras are missing several key features present in the genuine OnGARD® Home Security Products line. Global Security Experts, Inc. has released an alert today warning consumers against counterfeit versions of the OnGARD SMART dummy camera system that have been appearing online and in domestic markets recently. It appears that the counterfeit cameras originate from China, and are missing several defining features that are present in the actual OnGARD Home Security Products line. The OnGARD SMART Dummy Camera is manufactured to look exactly like the far more expensive cameras used to monitor expensive residences and corporate facilities.

“Recently a line of counterfeit cameras attempting to imitate the OnGARD SMART Dummy camera have begun to pop up in the Global marketplace,” said Jordan Frankel, founder of Global Security Experts, Inc. “These counterfeits are vastly inferior to the OnGARD in both quality and construction, and are missing nearly all of the defining features that set the OnGARD apart as a premium security device.”

As part of the consumer alert, the security team at Global Security Experts has released a Comparison Competitor Chart that highlights the differences between the genuine OnGARD and their counterfeit Chinese counterparts. The comparison competitor chart demonstrates that the OnGARD SMART dummy camera contains a litany of premium features, many of which are not found on counterfeit cameras, including ABS impact resistant plastic, stainless steel screws, a ultra-violet sun inhibitor, as well as a water resistant and gasket-ed design. The OnGARD SMART dummy camera also features an over-sized solar charging panel, comes standard with sun-driven rechargeable batteries, an over-sized - all angle-visible led flashing bulb, and twin rotating dummy antennas. The counterfeit cameras have none of the aforementioned features.

The counterfeit cameras are also missing the OnGARD’s rust-free stainless steel battery connections and the Hide-A-Key feature, which allows users to conceal a spare house-key within the body of the OnGARD smart dummy camera.

“Another thing consumers should look out for that is often a hallmark of counterfeit merchandise is a drastically reduced price,” said Frankel. “If you see what looks like an OnGARD, and the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. You will pay more for the genuine article, but you will be paying for quality and peace of mind.”

Genuine OnGARD SMART dummy cameras retail from $39.99. For more information, visit

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