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Global Security Experts Inc. designs award-winning, affordable - and effective - residential security products. We are the go-to home security resource for homeowners and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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RIP, Thank You For Your Service. High-Ranking NYPD officer shoots self in Queens, one month before compulsory retir… https://t.co/m5RWmI0RLS
Fantastic situational awareness on the young ladies part. Woman jumps out of moving Lyft in fear for her life |… https://t.co/2MLofhQxVc
Dog shot while rescuing family during home invasion, police | Protect your pet with the OnGARD Door Brace… https://t.co/sO6PK4oH9w
@RokuSupport @Roku How do I get tech support to return my DM's? Unfortunately no one is returning my continued requests for help. Thanks
@RokuSupport I've been communicating through direct message with your support team. Unfortunately no one has respo… https://t.co/qVFPvok789
@RokuSupport Why isn't anyone responding to my support DM's? Days have gone by!
@TCL_USA My question was do you manufacture a 240 Hz TV. Not sure why you responded with said information.
@TCL_USA do you manufacture any TVs that contain a 240 refresh rate?
@DAZN_USA are you ever going to fix the calendar so we can set reminders further out than 30 days. How hard is it… https://t.co/Y93i1P0UHp
@DAZN_USA why doesn't the progress bar disappear when rewinding or fastwarding during a live event?
OnGARD Security Door Brace to Protect Homes From Door Kick-Ins and Violent Burglaries Reaches Record Number of Sale… https://t.co/YlBy5qDzq3
@KnuckleUp Email address? Can't seem to find your email contact info on your web site. Thanks..
@RokuSupport why don't the Roku devices include an optical audio output for consumers that don't have HDMI inputs o… https://t.co/CUZjKtBCSQ
https://t.co/eYyl5ileqm: Security Door Brace | Door Barricade | Prevents Home Invasions & Burglaries | OnGARD Withs… https://t.co/ts9wVNx7LM
@DAZN_USA Why doesn't the DAZN calendar display multiple months? I can only view May.. yet DAZN is advertising even… https://t.co/B8oIcHbZjL
@zmodo I suggest you do because your competitors are starting to add their viewing apps to the Roku device
@zmodo Huge mistake. Everyone with your existing app and Zmodo cameras would like that device vs. Ring including me
@zmodo Waiting years for a rechargeable Zmodo wifi video doorbell viewer? Any update?
@zmodo When do you plan on having a Roku camera viewing app available?
Or you could just install a https://t.co/9HmWGMKR4s to protect entire family Video Shows Armed Homeowner Scaring O… https://t.co/xCXeIZzbyS
@sprintcare I have already filed a complaint with the FCC and provided countless emails and audio conversations. If… https://t.co/AU1wMoMiN1
@sprintcare I will NOT speak the the same rep again. I have had problems since November. I have spent countless hou… https://t.co/woCSjPQnpa