Security Door Brace Testimonials

Robert Siciliano
Personal Security and Identity Theft Expert

I have 3 OnGARD`s placed strategically in my home. At first, like my home alarm, my wife had to get used to it. Now, she wont go to bed without ensuring all are "armed". OnGard doesn't just provide peace of mind, it provides a real world layer of protection.

Alan Lillie
Owner/Operator at Alan Lillie Locksmith Service, London, Canada

I'm quite impressed with the design and function of the OnGARD security door brace. From my years in alarm response, and now as a locksmith, I see break ins every day. The OnGARD adds another point of contact to the door without being obtrusive. Every door in the world needs one of these installed.

Alan Kaplan
Former Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation

As a former Special Agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and a 20 year veteran in the Law Enforcement and Security Industry, I highly endorse the design, functionality, and effectiveness of the OnGARD Security Door Brace. While the strength and design of the Brace is proven effective, No security device is effective if it is not used or activated by it's owner. Due to its ease of use, the likelihood of the OnGARD being utilized by it's owner is dramatically increased, thus positioning the Door Brace to be a highly effective tool in preventing break-ins.

Tom Lynch
CRL Director of Operations, Society of Professional Locksmiths

The simplicity of use and straight forward design of the OnGARD Security Door Brace provides a cost effective solution against forced entry. I consider it to be a "Product of Value"

Branch Walton
Former Agent of The United States Secret Service

While visiting the corporate offices of ShatterGARD / Global Security Experts, I reviewed a simulated break-in on doors protected by the Door Brace. It works!! The door frame actually failed before the door gave in because of the brace. I would definitely feel much more secure about a relative being at home alone when this brace was an added component of their home security system. Try it. It's an inexpensive addition to any home protection plan.

Kevin Wilson
Master Locksmith, Atlanta, GA

After having installed and tested your OnGARD door brace product, I have found it to be a superior product for stopping burglars from kicking in doors. As a Master Locksmith with over 33 years experience in the home security industry, I have personally tested hundreds of devices and I can say whole heartily that the OnGARD door brace fills a tremendous void in an industry filled with cheap inferior products. OnGARD stands out head and shoulders above the competition. I especially like the rubber shock absorbers that protect the surface of the door from marring. The OnGARD in my opinion is an excellent way to stop forced entry. I wish you much success with this and future security products.

Jeffrey Dingle
Former federal law enforcement trainer

Jeffrey Dingle, a former federal law enforcement trainer and Director of Protective Operations for the Carter Center in Atlanta: "OnGARD™ is a revolutionary product: I violently beat against OnGARD protected door with a 30-pound police battering and the OnGARD™ security brace would not bend, budge or break. These results are significant because, in a career where I have tested numerous home security devices, nothing has been as effective in stopping burglars and home invaders as OnGARD™."

Al Corbi
President of S.A.F.E, Los Angeles, California

Mr. Al Corbi world renowned security expert and former senior designer for the U.S. Department of Justice. Al`s guest TV appearances include Oprah, Rachael Ray and Larry King Live. Mr. Corbi states, "I don’t know where you could spend less and get more then purchasing an OnGARD". During live demonstrations’ the OnGARD prevailed every time. A 250 lb man could not kick open the door. It’s simply amazing!

Marc Remington
Police Officer, Bristol Police Dept., Bristol, RI

Installing the OnGARD device is one of the most effective tools in protecting your family from a home invasion or burglary. Homeowners are more complacent when they are in the comfort of their own homes, making for a much easier target for criminals. The simple installation of the OnGARD gives you value time to seek cover and contact the police, where conventional security systems fail. I installed the OnGARD in my home to better protect myself and my family, and I recommend that people consider making that same choice. 

Craig Hoschouer
CPP, CFE, PLE Security, Inc.

Please be advised that our company recently purchased an OnGARD Security Door Brace and had an opportunity to install and test it. The OnGARD Security Door Brace was easily installed in minutes. More importantly, the OnGARD Security Door Brace worked exactly as advertised. Our client can rest assured that no one will gain entry through that door. The product worked so well that the client is now interested in adding the OnGARD Security Door Brace to her other doors.

Dave Teschner
Corp. Operations Manager, Southern Alarm - Georgia

With over 20 Years in the security industry, there are few products that grab my attention and leave me as confident as the On Gard did. In fact our companies first On Gard was installed in my parents home.

Jennifer Ray
Lieutenant at Cobb County Government - Atlanta Law Enforcement

Although I have not received a sample of your product, and frankly had no clue that it existed, I have to say that I researched it and it sounds like a fantastic idea! There are so few non-weapon home protection tools on the market. It is refreshing to hear of a product that focuses on prevention rather than reaction.
Reviews the OnGARD Security Door Brace

Capable of stopping the worst of the bad guys – When installed correctly, and used in conjunction with a steel framed, steel clad or solid wood door this door security device is more than capable of resisting over 1700 pounds of force. When you compare this to the hundred pounds that is normally required to kick a door in, you begin to wonder why homeowners even bother locking them, when they can be opened so easily.

In fact, an intruder would have to destroy the door itself in order to gain entry, which would be impractical when you consider the noise, effort and time that would be required.