OnGARD Security Door Brace Shipping Update

The patent-pending OnGARD is designed to prevent door kick-ins that often lead to violent home invasions

First off, Global Security Experts Inc would like to thank you for your patience while we continue to make final improvements to the newly designed patent-pending OnGARD security door brace. Needless to say, the final production of the door brace has taken longer than expected. Reason being, we have redesigned the door brace to be even stronger, and compatible with even more household doors and floors across the globe. In addition, based upon consumer suggestions, we have restyled the OnGARD to appear sleeker in appearance. However, with these vast improvements came manufacturing and testing delays. As it stands... we hope to take delivery in approximately 120 days.

Bottom line, if you'd like to purchase the Rolls Royce of security door bracing... we'd ask that you hang on a little while longer. Nothing else compares to the quality and effectiveness of the OnGARD door brace. Law enforcement, security experts and yes even criminals are aware of the patent-pending OnGARD stopping power.

Don't forget, you will be purchasing the OnGARD for the introductory price of $99.00 dollars. Additionally you are entitled to one complimentary OnGARD Smart Dummy Camera valued at $39.95.  We will contact you the minute the OnGARD's are ready for shipment.

Thank you very much for your patience.


The management team at Global Security Experts Inc.