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With violent home invasions and burglaries on the rise, you may find yourself asking how you can affordably protect your home and loved ones against these heinous crimes. Well the answer is very simple, contact Global Security Experts' for a certified home security inspection. An affordable one-time expense that just may save your families life.

Regardless of what you think - your alarm system alone is not going to stop an intruder from entering your home. Yes, alarms are loud and draw attention to your dwelling; however they won’t prevent your door from being kicked in. With a certified home security inspection, you can find out exactly what your home requires in terms of affordable security upgrades to keep would-be intruders from entering. Our certified inspectors will teach you how to decrease the likelihood of your home from being an easy target.

Let the professionals at Global Security Experts conduct a comprehensive 75-point inspection which includes video coverage and still photos of vulnerable areas. Our inspections leave no security stone unturned and are designed to bring to light both the strong and vulnerable points of your home's current level of security, and include such things as:

In the case of home security, what we don't know can hurt us. With today's crime statistics, it's easy to see that that standard deadbolts and alarms alone aren't always enough to keep the bad guys out. But fortunately for you, peace of mind has arrived in the form of a certified home security inspection.


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