You Can`t Afford to Be Without These Security Devices

Between the mortgage payments, homeowners insurance, and maintenance costs, home ownership can be expensive. As a result, many homeowners rely on locked doors and windows as their only means of home security—a risky and potentially dangerous mistake.

In 2012, approximately 360,000 property crimes occurred within communities throughout Ohio (FBI, 2012). What's important to note is that this number excludes the violent home invasions that occur each year, such as the recent one in Columbus, Ohio.

According to, two intruders forced their way into a Northern Columbus home. When the residents refused to cooperate, three of the four occupants were shot, one of which was pronounced dead at the scene. The fourth occupant who survived the incident unharmed was a five-year-old little girl.

While it's difficult to think about such a crime happening to your family, if you don't properly secure your home against potential intruders, you and your family are at increased risk.

Affordable Home Security Devices

The good news is that adequate home security doesn't have to be expensive. All it takes is a little research into which home security devices provide optimum protection for your investment, and buying only what you need.

The following are some important home security tips that can help optimize your home's security without breaking your budget.

  • Invest in a home security alarm that alerts you BEFORE an intruder gains entry. For a home security alarm to be effective, it needs to alert you of trespassers before they gain entry into your home. Invest in an alarm that is equipped with wireless motion sensors that can be strategically placed around the exterior premises. With adequate monitoring of your driveway, walkways, and yard, you can be alerted the moment a trespasser steps onto your property. This can make all the difference when it comes to the time you need to dial 911 and seek safety.
  • Secure entry doors with a security door brace. To prevent an entry door from being busted down by brute force, invest in a heavy duty security door brace. A highly affordable home security device, the OnGARD security door brace withstands up to 1775 pounds of force, securing doors against kick-ins, shoulder slams, and sledge hammers. As an added layer of security, ensure your entry doors are made of solid wood or metal and equipped with a high quality deadbolt and reinforced door frames.
  • Save money by investing in high quality home security devices that keep the bad guys out. The key to protecting your home and your family against would-be intruders is to keep them OUT of your home. In addition to a security door brace, reinforce vulnerable glass windows and sliding doors with high quality glass protection film.

When it comes to keeping your home and your family safe, it's important to remember that adequate home security is not a luxury—it's a necessity that you can't afford to be without.

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