Wireless Camera Surveillance Systems with Portable Monitors

In the past, it seemed that high-tech security devices such as wireless video / monitor surveillance systems were accessible only to banks, businesses, and affluent residents. Over the last decade, however, advancements in technology have helped to make wireless camera systems amenable to the average consumer—serving as an effective security device to homeowners and small businesses across the nation.

Burglary and Other Home Crimes in the U.S.

Each year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) gathers crime statistics from law enforcement agencies across the United States. According to the preliminary data for 2012:

  • More than 2 million burglaries occurred across the nation in the last year.
  • Approximately 75% of burglaries involved single family homes, apartments, and other residential properties.
  • 60% of burglaries are carried out by means of forcible entry.

Home invasions have also become an increasing problem among families in America. Many of today’s home invasions are carried out by brazen criminals who are known for terrorizing, injuring, and even killing their victims.

The Benefits of a Wireless Camera Surveillance System with Portable Monitor

Unlike traditional security surveillance systems that require multiple video and audio cables, the cameras and receivers of a wireless security system require nothing more than simple electrical cords. When plugged in to a standard AC outlet, the video and audio camera feeds are automatically transmitted to the system receiver or monitor via internal wireless technology.

While a wireless camera system cannot guarantee a burglar or another criminal from gaining entrance to your home or small business, such a device can be quite effective in deterring criminals. Many criminals avoid targeting homes and buildings that display signage that indicate the structure is under video surveillance or another method of security monitoring.

A wireless surveillance camera system with a portable monitor can also serve as an early warning device. The earlier a would-be intruder is detected, the more time you are afforded to call 911 and seek safety as you wait for police to arrive. Just as important is the video footage a recordable camera system can provide. Should you ever experience an unfortunate event such as a burglary, the recorded video footage can provide police with the vital evidence they need to identify and bring the criminal to justice.

Such was the case for an Arizona man who experienced a horrific home invasion this past year. According to an Arizona ABC news report, two men offering to do yard work attacked the homeowner, beat him, and held him at gunpoint while a third man stole money and other personal property from the victim’s residence.

Fortunately, in this crime, the victim had a camera surveillance system up and running in his home. The entire crime was caught on tape, as were the suspects. This helped police to identify and arrest one of the thugs not long after the crime occurred, which later led police to the two other criminals.

Security Tips for Wireless Camera System Installation

When installing a wireless camera system in your home or business, it is imperative that each camera be placed in a location that is not easily accessible to a would-be intruder. The last thing you want is for someone to be able to walk up and unplug the camera.

While this may require hiring an electrician to install outdoor AC outlets in higher locations around the outside of your home or office building, this is the case for all quality home surveillance cameras. As every security expert knows, battery-operated surveillance systems are not ideal, as they can leave you without a functioning camera when you need it most. The continuous battery changes can also be very costly over time.

The best way to determine what you’ll need to equip your home with a wireless camera surveillance system is to assess your home’s existing exterior AC outlets prior to installation. Like many homeowners, you may find that you’re able to tap into and make use of your existing outdoor electrical wiring.

Important Wireless Home Camera System Features

When selecting a security surveillance system, it’s important to understand what qualifies as a quality wireless camera system. Some of the important features that will make your security investment worthwhile include the following:

  • Portable LCD Monitor: When selecting a wireless camera system for your home, look for one that includes a portable LCD monitor that can be plugged into any standard AC electrical outlet. Such a monitor will allow you to view real-time camera footage from anywhere in your home.
  • DVR with SD Card Option: Acquiring a wireless camera system with a built-in DVR is highly important, as this is the feature that will enable you to record video and audio from each of your wireless home security cameras. Just as important is a system that provides an SD card option (preferably 32GB). With an SD card, you can save and download the video footage, which can serve as vital evidence in the event of a burglary or other home crime.
  • Motion Sensors: Wireless cameras that are equipped with motion sensors are excellent for making the most of your recordable DVR space. Motion sensor technology allows you to set the DVR to record only when the camera’s motion sensors detect activity.
  • Night Vision: Because many burglars and home intruders like to operate under the cover of the dark, ensuring your wireless camera system is equipped with night vision technology is a must. This will allow you and your family a clear visual of any activity that occurs outside your home during the darkest hours of the night.
  • Secure FHSS Signal: To ensure your privacy, it is important that your wireless security camera system has a secure FHSS—frequency hopping spread spectrum—signal. Such technology protects against security breaches, such as signal jamming and unauthorized viewing of video footage by a third party.

With burglary and other residential crimes on the rise, keeping a protective eye on your home or small business is as important as ever. A wireless camera system can be an effective security device and help keep you, your loved ones, and your personal property safe.

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