Top 5 Home Security Mistakes that Increase the Risk of Burglary

Each year the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) collects data on the various property crimes reported around the country, including Ohio. According to the most current FBI crime report, there were 359,883 property crimes reported by Ohio residents in 2012. Out of those property crimes, 103,421 were burglaries.

While these numbers have improved compared to those of two years ago, burglary continues to be the greatest threat to a resident's property and peace of mind. There are a variety of reasons for this, but in terms of home security, oftentimes it's the mistakes homeowners make.

Common Home Security Mistakes

The following are five of the most common home security mistakes residents make and the measures you can take to decrease your risk of burglary.

1.  Leaving doors and windows unlocked. According to the national FBI crime statistics, over 30% of burglaries occur through an unlocked door or window. To decrease your risk, make sure every door and window of your residence is closed and locked prior to departing and before going to bed at night. Keeping your main entry doors locked while you're home is also a wise home security measure.

2.  Relying on locked doors and windows as the only means of home security. While locking your doors and windows is important, relying on that as your only means of home security is a huge mistake. According to the FBI crime data, approximately 60% of burglars gain access into homes by forcible entry through a locked door or window. Investing in elite home security devices that are specifically designed to keep the bad guys out can significantly reduce your risk of burglary and other home crimes.

3.  Failing to turn on the home alarm system. A home alarm system can be an effective crime deterrent, as well as an excellent warning device. Yet, so many homeowners fail to activate their alarm system when they leave home, or keep it turned off when they are home. If you have a home alarm or system, be sure to keep it turned on at all times.

4.   Answering the door to and/or allowing strangers into your home. Another way criminals target their victims and gain access into homes is by posing as salespeople or innocent strangers in distress. Their goal when they go knocking on residents' doors is to find unsuspecting victims who are trusting enough to open their door and talk to them. While some use these opportunities to gain information about the home and its residents, others seize the moment and take advantage of their victim right then and there. To keep this from happening to you, never open your door to a stranger.

5.  Sharing vacation/travel plans on social media sites. No matter how excited you are about your vacation or weekend getaway plans, posting comments about your upcoming trip (or when you're going to be away from home) in social media sites is never a good idea. If you feel compelled to let friends and family know about your travel plans, do it privately or wait until after you return to share the details.

Burglary is a problem in every city. To decrease your risk, ensure your property is protected against these common home security mistakes and what every burglar looks for—easy entry.

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