The Top Three Essential Security Devices that No Homeowner Should Be Without

There are numerous stories in the news each week that center around home invasions. Many of these stories prove that that the criminals behind these heinous acts do more than steal from their victims. They are brazen thugs, and in many cases carry out brutal crimes, including physical assault, rape, and even murder.

In a recent home invasion in Atlanta, Georgia, four men and two women were pistol-whipped by their intruders after they were forced to hand over their money. A gunshot was also heard by one of the victims after they escaped through a nearby window. Luckily, the bullet did not hit anyone.

In another story, however, the victims were not as fortunate. According to the news report posted by, two men and a woman invaded a home in St. Louis, Missouri during the evening hours. Police reported that the motivation for the home invasion was robbery. During the crime, however, one of the male intruders shot and killed one of the victims. While the other two victims survived, they were shot when they attempted to run away.

As a security professional, what's unsettling about these stories is that many of the popular security devices that residents place their trust in—alarm systems, motion-activated outdoor security lights, "Beware of Dog" signs, and surveillance cameras—serve as psychological deterrents only. They don't offer any advanced warning and they can't physically stop a determined criminal that's unaffected by these deterrents.

For instance, when an alarm sounds, it typically means the intruder is about to and/or has already entered the premises. At that point, your only hope is that the perpetrator will flee the scene. But between the adrenaline rush and the mind-altering drugs that run through the veins of many of today's heartless criminals, they can turn your worst fears into a living nightmare in the time it takes the police to arrive to your home.

Does that mean you should do away with your home alarm system? Absolutely not. A home alarm system is an important layer of any home security plan. However, understanding the true purpose of the device is critical—which is to alert you when someone breaches your home's security through a window or a door. An alarm can't physically prevent an intruder from entering your home, especially if that home invader is dead-set on finishing what he started.

To keep your family safe and secure, you must equip your home with more than psychological deterrents. In addition to an ear-piercing home alarm system and bright, motion-activated security lights, you need a reliable early-warning device that can alert you the moment someone sets foot on your property. You also need security devices that can hold up to the brute force of a would-be intruder and prevent or at least delay their entry into your residence.

During my 15-year security career, I've always recommended the following three home security devices to be potential lifesavers. In my opinion, no home should be without them.

Driveway / Property Trespasser Announcer


A driveway / trespasser announcer is an early detection device that alerts you when a person or car enters specific areas of your property. Such a device usually includes several battery-operated outdoor motion sensors and a home AC-powered base station. The base station emits an audible tone each time a person or car enters the monitored area.

A quality driveway / trespasser announcer is one that offers multiple sensors and a different tone for each sensor. This allows you to know which area of your property the person or vehicle is in, whether it is your driveway, side gate area, or backyard. Just as helpful are announcer devices that can be programmed to activate other electronic security devices, such as lights, alarms, and/or video surveillance cameras.


The advantages of having an early detection device such as a trespasser announcer is that it offers the extra time you need to think and respond to a threatening situation. Having that extra time to call the police, arm yourself, or retreat to a safe room can literally save your life and your family.


Security Door Brace


A relatively small device that you can easily install yourself, a security door brace combines the strength of the door, its door frame, and the surrounding floor.

A quality door brace is one that can withstand a minimum of 1700 pounds of force, as well as withstand multiple blows of a sledgehammer, body slams, and powerful kicks by a sturdy man weighing no less than 250 pounds.

Today's crime reports prove that standard locks and deadbolts aren't enough. Many intruders enter homes by kicking in a locked door. With a solid-core door and a security door brace in place, you can prevent or at least delay a would-be intruder from forcing his way into your home. That will give you the precious moments you need to call 911 and protect your family.

Security Glass Protection Film

Windows are one of the most vulnerable areas of your home, as it doesn't take much force for a criminal to shatter the glass. With a quality glass protection film reinforcing the interior surface of your windowpanes, you can make the glass significantly difficult to break.

Applied directly to the interior side of the windowpane, glass protection film works like an invisible coat of armor. The protective coating makes it a challenge to penetrate in comparison to standard or tempered glass. The best on the market can withstand strikes from a large rock, brick, hammer, and even a baseball bat.

Defeating a window fortified with security glass protection film requires more effort, time, and noise than many criminals are willing to risk. Even if a potential intruder chooses to proceed, window security film can afford you the time you need to call for help and seek safety.


Home alarm systems, motion-activated outdoor lights, and other devices that act as psychological deterrents are vital in reducing your risk of a residential crime. Just don't make the mistake of allowing such devices to lull you into a false sense of security. Protecting your family requires gaining the advantage over the bad guys by having an early warning system and security devices that can keep them out of your home.

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