The Angry Ex - Home Security Tips to Protect Against the Threatening Behavior of a Former Partner


It's a story that's all too common among today's estranged couples. You ended the relationship, but your former partner's unresolved feelings over the breakup prevent you from living your new life in peace. Even after multiple phone calls to the police and the filing of a restraining order, your angry ex finds a way to continue the drama and threaten your sense of safety and security.

Today's news headlines are full of tragic stories like this. In a WAVE 3 news report out of Louisville, Kentucky, an ex-husband was arrested for breaking into his ex-wife's home 3 months after their divorce was finalized. He was also charged with violating an emergency protective order she had recently obtained against him. Fortunately, the woman had a home security system installed in her house that allowed her to see her ex-husband inside her home. This gave her time to call the police and have him arrested before he could cause her any physical harm.

In a case involving a divorced couple in Crawfordville, Florida, the victim of the crime was not so fortunate. According to the news report, the ex-wife broke into her former husband's home in the early morning hours and stabbed him to death while he slept. Their 5-year-old daughter lay asleep in another room while the crime occurred.

Feelings of anger, jealousy, and betrayal can drive a former partner's behavior for weeks, months, and even years after a breakup. This is especially true for those who have problems controlling and coping with their negative emotions. As the above news reports show, these unresolved feelings can sometimes lead to illegal behaviors such as harassment, stalking, vandalism, illegal trespassing, burglary, and even physical violence—behaviors that call for increased home security and other protective measures.

Home Security Tips for Protecting Against an Angry Ex

No matter the reason for the breakup, no one deserves to live in fear of their ex. Everyone has the right to live in peace. If you've found yourself stuck in a dysfunctional relationship with an angry ex-spouse, ex-boyfriend, or ex-girlfriend, and their behavior is threatening your sense of safety and security, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your property.

The following are three highly effective home security tips that can help you create a safe haven and restore a sense of peace in your life.

1. Change the locks on the entry doors to your home. If you are living in the same home you previously shared with your former partner, and your ex no longer has the legal right to enter the home, change the locks on your entry doors IMMEDIATELY. Do not give your ex a key to the new locks. Also, do not hide an extra key outside of your home or allow children you share custody of to have a key.

2. Invest in an early warning home security device. A home alarm can be very helpful in deterring intruders who are unfamiliar with your neighborhood and your home. But when that intruder is a former partner with a grudge, it may have very little effect. This does not mean you should forego a home alarm system—every home should have one. It simply means you need more in the way of home security when your ex's behavior is a problem.

One device that can come in very handy is a wireless panic button that can be worn around the neck and triggered at the first indication of trespassing. The panic button can be programmed in such a way that the monitoring company will summons the police to your address immediately upon receipt of the alert.

A wireless home surveillance system with multiple cameras and a portable LCD monitor can also be very effective in providing you with the early warning you need anytime your former partner shows up. A system with a built-in DVR can also provide the police with the evidence they need to arrest your ex should he or she partake in criminal behavior towards you or your home.

3. Reinforce the security of your home's doors and windows. While keeping your home's entry doors and windows locked is important, don't rely on this as your only means of home security. Standard locks, chain latches, and deadbolts aren't enough to keep a vindictive ex-lover or other potential intruders out of your home.

There are a variety of home security devices that claim to prevent break-ins through doors and windows, but few are as effective as the OnGARD security door brace and BurglarGARD glass protection film.

The OnGARD security door brace is a simple, yet powerful device that can be easily installed in the floor at the base of your main entry doors (doors that swing inward). When the security door brace is engaged, it prevents the door from being busted open by violent kicks or blows from a person's body, sledgehammers, and other heavy equipment up to 1,775 pounds in force.

BurglarGARD glass protection film incorporates similar fortifying qualities. Installed on the interior surface of glass windows, this shatter-resistant security film serves as a protective barrier that makes breaking a glass pane a lot more difficult than without it—even when struck by a baseball bat or a brick.

Take Action to Protect Yourself

You can't control the behavior of your angry ex, but you can control your home security. So don't take any risks. Protect yourself by taking action against your former partner and their potentially dangerous behavior, starting with the implementation of the above home security tips.

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