Home Invasion Prevention Advice and Device

It happened just this morning in West Columbus, Ohio. According to the nbc4i.com report, four men broke through the back door of an occupied home. When they came upon the two residents, the thugs beat them with a baseball bat and a gun until they handed over their cash. The police are still looking for the home invasion suspects.

News reports like this are the reason I've dedicated my life to protecting homeowners through education and the design and manufacturing of preventative home security devices. The posts I write aren't intended to scare you into investing in home security. They serve to provide you with important information that can protect you and your beloved family.

Home Invasion Prevention Advice and Devices

Though little information was released about today's West Columbus home invasion, the fact that the thugs were able to force their way through the back door tells me that the residence did not have the proper home security devices in place.

As I've mentioned in so many of my previous posts, locked doors and windows are not enough to keep the bad guys out of your home. In fact, most burglaries and home invasions occur through a locked door or window.

While there is no way you can keep a criminal from targeting your home, there is a lot you can do in the way of home security to prevent a criminal from entering your home. Some of the most important measures you can take include the following:

  • Use security door braces and protective glass security film to reinforce the security of your ground floor entry doors and windows. You should also take time to increase the security around second-floor doors and windows that are susceptible to being broken into. These might include a second-floor balcony door and windows above fences, patio covers, and trees.
  • Have an annoyingly loud home alarm installed that includes glass breakage sensors. Keep the alarm turned on at all times when you are home.
  • wireless-camInvest in a wireless home surveillance system that provides multiple camera views and a monitor that you can take from room to room with you. Such a device will provide you the necessary visual you need of any stranger lurking outside your home, providing you with the time you need to call 911 and seek safety.
  • Put an emergency plan in place that includes what each person in your family is to do in the event of a burglary or home invasion. Review and rehearse the plan at regular intervals.

Take Your Home Security Seriously

A burglary or home invasion can happen to anyone—including YOU. So take my advice, and take your home security seriously. It's the only way to keep today's proverbial bad guys out of your home.


West Columbus Ohio Home Invasion Leaves Two Residents Injured


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