Four Tips to Prevent Parking Lot Auto Theft

Parking lots are a driver’s nightmare: from chaotic drivers and too-small stalls to unpredictable pedestrians, parking lots must be carefully negotiated to protect you and your vehicle from accidents. Once the car is safely parked however, we often assume is it safe until we return and rarely give thought to yet another parking lot hazard – thieves. Thieves are opportunistic and whether they stake out a lot looking for shoppers returning to the mall after dropping off parcels to the car or if they just play the odds, your car parked at the mall is a big target. The more difficult you make it for thieves to get in (by installing alarms and automotive protective films such as VehicleGARD), the better chance you have at protecting yourself from theft.

The best thing you can do to protect your vehicle from theft is to install a car alarm and a security window film, such as VehicleGARD. VehicleGARD is an automotive glass protection film that acts as an invisible coat of armor, strengthening the vehicle’s glass. It can make your car windows virtually impenetrable to repeated strikes, significantly increasing the time required to get into your vehicle. If your car is protected with VehicleGARD, the thief is more likely to simply give up and move on to an easier target. Car alarms can deter theft by drawing attention to criminal activity, however they are often perceived as white noise and pesky false alarms. Your safest bet is a combination of VehicleGARD and a car alarm.

There are other ways to protect your purchases this holiday season. In fact, these tips will protect you as you’re travelling into and out of the mall as well. Remember to stay alert and watch for suspicious activity, and if you notice anything to head back into the safety of the mall right away.

1. Park Close to the Entrance and in Well Lit Areas – Parking in high traffic areas such as near a mall entrance will deter thieves since they don’t want to chance anyone happening by. Unfortunately during the holidays, you’re lucky to get a spot at all.. Your next safest bet is to park under the lights – burglars will feel like they’re in the spotlight and will seek an easier target.

2. Lock Your Doors, Set Your Alarm – If you don’t, you may as well just give your items away. Car locks and alarms are your first line of defense: an open door provides the perfect opportunity for a thief to get in your car with little or no effort or detection.

3. Shop First, Buy Later – Consider finalizing purchases on your way out of the mall. Bring a notebook and jot down all the stores you’ll want to revisit to pick up larger, hard to carry items. Otherwise your options are to take packages to the car (potentially in view of thieves staking out the lot), or carry around myriad parcels that can easily be set down and forgotten or dropped unnoticed.

4. Hide Valuables Left in Your Car – If you must store gifts in your vehicle, make sure the items are stowed in shopping bags or unmarked bags that camouflage the item’s true value. Store as many purchases as possible in the trunk, covered under blankets.

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