Five Security Devices a Qualified Home Security Inspector Looks for During a Residential Security Assessment

If you've never had a home security inspection performed, you should. Just as it's important to have any new home inspected to identify and protect you against costly repairs and potential safety hazards, having your current or future residence inspected by a certified home security inspector can help fortify your home's overall security.

In addition to ensuring each of your entry doors and accessible windows are properly secured, a home security inspector will review and identify both the strong and weak security points throughout the interior and exterior of your home.

While there are no specific housing codes that must be met to pass a home security inspection, experienced home security inspectors have a thorough understanding of the methods and devices required to securely protect a residence. Such an inspector can provide valuable insight and recommendations on how to improve the security of your home.

What can you expect a home security inspector to look for during a home security inspection? The following are five of the most common security devices many of today's licensed home security inspectors hope to find and recommend in terms of home security.

Home Alarm System

A quality home alarm system is a common home security inspectors look for and inspect if you have one. In addition to alerting you the moment a breach has occurred among a door or window, a home alarm can thwart an intruder's criminal intentions the moment the siren sounds.

Important features today's expert home security inspectors look for in a home alarm system include:

  • Sensitive glass break sensors.
  • An annoyingly loud siren that sounds the instant the alarm is triggered.
  • A backup cellular dialer (your life-source when electrical power is not available).
  • Prominent display of multiple signs from the security company that services your home alarm.
  • A panic button that can be quickly accessed via a strategically placed security alarm keypad or a wireless remote control.

Security Glass Protection Film

Every security expert knows that a home's windows are highly vulnerable. Not only is the glass easy to break, many of today's standard window locks aren't designed to stand up to the techniques criminals use to gain entry through them.

To help protect homeowners against burglars and other home intruders, a home security expert will often recommend installing glass protection film on the interior surface of the glass of each at-risk window.

The benefit of having this protective coating on your windows is that it makes the glass a lot more difficult to break. This helps to keep criminals from gaining entry into your home long enough for you to call police and seek safety. It can also prevent a break-in altogether by striking the "fear of getting caught" into the would-be intruder.

When it comes to installing a glass protection film on your windows, you want to be sure it can hold up to multiple strikes by a hard surface, such as a hammer, rock, or baseball bat.

Security Door Brace


Many homeowners aren't aware that security door braces exist, let alone the benefits such a device can provide. But professional home security inspectors do.

Affordable and easy to install, a security door unites the forces of your door, the floor just below the interior of the door, and its surrounding frame. With a quality door brace in place, it can protect against forced entry by way of multiple kicks, body slams, and even blows of a sledgehammer.

When conducting your search for a quality door brace, ensure the one you invest your money in can withstand over 1700 pounds of violent impact. One that has been tested against men weighing up to 250 pounds is also important.

Property Surveillance Device


Knowing when a stranger is lurking around your property BEFORE they gain entry into your home is extremely important. And the sooner you are alerted the better.

It's for this reason that many home security inspectors will look for and, if missing, recommend installing a property surveillance device (also known as a trespasser or driveway announcer).

Important features of such a device include:

  • An AC-powered home base station.
  • Multiple outdoor motion sensors that include a battery-operated power source.
  • A different alert sound for the varying areas of your property that each sensor monitors.

A property surveillance device affords you with the added protection of knowing when and where a potential intruder is roaming on your property. This allows you the precious time you need to call 911 and seek a safe place to wait until the police arrive.

Outdoor Motion-Activated Security Lights

While an expert home security inspector knows that too much outdoor lighting can give home intruders an advantage, they also know the importance of having outdoor motion-activated security lights.

Whereas leaving a light on all night long can offer prowlers easy viewing and assessment of entry points into your home, security lights that activate when motion is detected can provide the level of startle and intimidation you need to ward off would-be burglars, vandals, and other dangerous criminals.

Common outdoor security lighting features that will be looked for during a home security inspection include bright, powerful lights and a timing feature that provides for automatic shut-off after a specific period of time passes without the detection of motion.

Important Advice on Choosing a Home Security Inspector

When it comes to hiring a home security inspector, be sure he or she has more than words to backup their credentials. In addition to having years of hands-on knowledge and experience, be sure your inspector of choice is certified in home security.

After your home security inspection is completed, you can expect to receive a detailed written report on the strengths and weakness of your home's security. Be sure to follow as many of the recommendations the inspector makes. Taking the time to put those important security measures in place is what will help protect you, your family, and your home against crime.

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