Enjoy the Comforts of Apartment Living through Proper Safety and Security

Apartment living offers numerous comforts and benefits. There's no worry about the expense of housing repairs. If the furnace breaks, it's usually just a matter of calling the property manager or setting up an appointment with maintenance to have it fixed at no cost to you. There's also usually very little or no lawn to maintain, just a few colorful plants and flowers on your outdoor patio to water. Many apartment complexes are also equipped with a variety of amenities, such as recreation rooms, gyms, pools, hot tubs, and tennis and racquetball courts.

Of course, apartment living can have its disadvantages. The close proximity of neighbors can present as a problem, especially when you share a common wall or if there is an apartment directly above yours. This can result in unwanted noises, which can contribute to stress and frustration. Parking can also be an issue if your apartment complex doesn't offer enclosed garages. Even if you have an assigned parking space under a covered parking structure, the distance between your apartment and your vehicle can make walking to and from your car a drag, especially during poor weather or when you have a load of groceries to transport.

What concerns most people considering apartment living, however, is crime. According to a report that was released by the National Crime Prevention Council a few years back, apartments are 85% more likely to be burglarized than other housing units. Of course, this is not true for every apartment community. Just as crime rates vary by city, the same is true for apartment complexes. Whereas some offer a safe and secure environment, others carry higher risks of auto theft, burglary, robbery, sexual assault, and other residential crimes. It all depends on where you live.

According to an article released by ABC 13 News, at WSET.com, police had to issue a warning to residents of an apartment complex in Lynchburg, Virginia, reminding them not to leave valuables in their vehicles and to keep their car doors locked. The warning came after several vehicles near the complex had car batteries, CDs, and other items stolen from them. Each of the vehicles was left unlocked by their owners.

The best way to find out the crime rates in your apartment community is through your local police department or property management office. There are also a number of useful websites, including local government websites that offer useful information on apartment crime statistics by city and/or even complex.

Crime, of course, isn't the only thing apartment residents need to be concerned with. For those who have children, the overall safety of the apartment complex needs to be taken into consideration, especially those with pools.

According to statistics gathered by the U.S. Center for Disease Control, drowning is the second leading cause of all injury deaths among children ages 1 to 14. The majorities of drowning fatalities occur in recreational water settings, including pools and spas/hot tubs.

With pools a common recreational amenity of apartment communities, it's important that parents take extra precautions to ensure their children's safety. In a case reported by KHOU.com, in Houston, Texas, a 4-year-old boy almost drowned in the pool of an apartment complex when he managed to slip away from his mother and another family member. Thinking the boy was under the watchful eye of the other, when they realized he was missing, they rushed to the nearby pool, where they found him under the water.

While the boy in the above story was fortunate enough to be pulled from the pool and revived, there are many children across the U.S. who is not so lucky.

If you live or are considering living in an apartment complex, there are a few important security and safety tips you should not only learn, but incorporate into your life. Doing so will help you enjoy the many benefits that apartment living has to offer, while keeping you, your family, and your personal possessions safe and secure.

Apartment Safety and Security

When it comes to apartment security, many crimes can be avoided by implementing a few simple safety and security measures, such as the following:

Before Renting:

  • Request an apartment on the second floor or higher. Most crimes occur in ground-floor apartments because its windows and patio doors are easily accessible.
  • Ask about what types of crimes have occurred at the complex. Do not accept general answers such as "Our complex is pretty safe," or "About the same as any other community."
  • Drive around the community and take note of the level of activity and security. This is a great opportunity to see what the complex is really like after various apartment staff has gone home for the day.

While Renting:

  • Ensure your door is equipped with a quality deadbolt lock and 180-degree peephole.
  • Report all suspicious activity to both the police and property management office immediately.
  • Never open the door to a stranger and ensure your children understand and adhere to the same rule.
  • Ask for a copy of the work order that shows the lock to your apartment door was changed or rekeyed.
  • Keep the entry door to your apartment locked at all times, even when you're just taking a moment to retrieve something from your car.
  • Create an apartment complex watch committee and patrol the grounds from time to time, looking for security hazards and suspicious people and activities.
  • Promptly report faulty security devices, burned out lights, and other security hazards to your property manager. The same goes for security alarms and locks to your own apartment.
  • If you have children, replace your existing peephole with an electronic peephole viewer linked to an LCD screen. This will allow everyone in the household of any height to easily view who's on the other side of the door.

Vehicle Security and Safety

  • Park in well-lit areas. Avoid parking in secluded and dark parking structures and streets.
  • If you park in an enclosed garage, close the garage door immediately upon arrival and departure.
  • Have your keys in hand before approaching your car and look around and inside your car before entering it.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car. Remove them or lock them in the trunk or another compartment in your vehicle.
  • If you are woman, avoid walking to or from your car alone at night whenever possible and be vigilant during the day.
  • Keep your vehicle locked at all times, even if you're just going to run back to your apartment for a moment to get something you forgot.

Pool Safety for Children

  • Ensure your children follow the golden rules of pool safety: NO RUNNING and NO DIVING!
  • Be prepared for an emergency. Always have a cell phone and first aid kit on hand. You should also be prepared to provide CPR. These measures can literally save the life of your child.
  • Children who do not know how to swim should always wear a life vest. Do not rely solely on arm floaties or inflatable swimsuits, as they can deflate and even tip children upside down in the water.
  • NEVER let your children go to the pool without adult supervision. Make it a rule to never leave your children unattended at the pool, even for a minute. ALWAYS ensure a responsible adult is present at all times.

Your apartment is your home and you deserve to enjoy the comforts it provides. So make the most of it by practicing proper safety and security.

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