Drugs, Burglaries, and Home Invasions - The Connection Between Drug Addiction and Residential Crime

Drugs - both illegal and prescription - are a driving force behind many of today's burglaries and home invasions. Yet, many homeowners continue to leave their safety and security to chance.

In a recent Fox43 news report, the prime suspect of a home burglary in East Lampeter, Pennsylvania, admitted to police that his heroin addiction was the reason he broke into his neighbor's home and stole their property. The perpetrator pawned the items for cash so that he could purchase more heroin.

But illicit drugs aren't the only mind-altering substances fueling today's burglaries and home invasions. Prescription drugs are another hot commodity among today's home intruders. In a recent home invasion in Huntsville, Alabama, which left one of the suspects dead, prescription drugs were cited as the motivation behind the crime.

In an article by The News-Herald, Police Chief James Wilkewitz of Allen Park, Michigan expressed a concern over the city's significant increase in burglaries and home invasions. According to Wilkewitz, the increase in prescription drug use throughout the metropolitan area was as much of a problem as the increase in heroin use.

Facts on Drugs and Crime in the United States

As reported by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), "drug use and criminality are closely linked." According to the National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP), of the inmates housed in U.S. jails and prisons:

  • Over 80% have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse.
  • Approximately 50% are addicted to some form of drug.
  • Approximately 60% of suspects arrested for a crime test positive for illegal drugs.
  • Upon release, up to 80% of drug abusers commit another drug-driven crime.
  • Approximately 95% of inmates that get released from jail or prison resume their drug use.

Burglary and Home Invasion Prevention Devices

There is no way to prevent a drug-driven criminal from targeting your home. However, there are a number of home security devices available that can deter and even prevent a would-be intruder from gaining entry into your home. Some of the most effective devices include the following:

1. Home Security Alarm: A home alarm system with an annoyingly loud siren can be very effective in deterring criminals. Those with glass breakage and door sensors can also serve as early warning devices. When selecting an alarm for your home, be sure it is equipped with a panic button, a remote dialer, and a backup power system. The alarm should also be linked to a 24-hour monitoring center. Just keep in mind that in order for a home alarm to be effective, it must be activated—both when you are away and at home.

2. Security Door Brace: Your home's doors and windows are vulnerable entry points, even when they're locked. One of the best devices for preventing a break-in through an entry door (doors that swing inward) is a security door brace—a small yet powerful device that can resist violent forces up to 1775 pounds. To see just how this device can protect you and your family from a home invasion, take a look at this OnGARD Security Door Brace video.

3. Glass Protection Film: To prevent a break-in through a glass window, install glass protection film such as BurglarGARD on the interior side of your window panes. Glass protection film serves as an invisible coat of armor that resists breakage by hard objects, such as a flying rock, brick, or baseball bat. Breaking a window protected by glass security film requires a great deal of time and effort, not to mention noise. These qualities are what make glass protection film such an effective residential crime deterrent.

4. Home Surveillance System: One of the most effective devices for providing homeowners with early warning of a potential intruder is a wireless surveillance system. Systems such as the OnGARD Walk-About that provide multiple camera views, a portable LCD monitor, and a digital video recorder (DVR) are the most effective. When you or your loved ones are home, the portable viewing monitor will allow you to observe the exterior of your home from any room in the house, including anyone who approaches your door. Should someone attempt to break into your home while you are gone, the recorded video footage will provide the police with vital information on the perpetrator.

Take Preventative Home Security Action Today

As today's drug and crime statistics show, drug addiction is a serious problem that consumes its users. Fueled by both their physical and psychological dependency, drug addicts will stop at nothing to maintain their high—including breaking into your home.

Don't wait for your home to be burglarized or invaded by a drug-addicted criminal. Take preventative home security action today—it's the only way to protect your property and your family.


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