Burglary Prevention Tips

It’s Friday, and you can’t wait to get home from work. As you pull into your driveway, thoughts of having a relaxing evening in front of the TV enter your mind. But when you turn the key to your front door and walk into your home, your stomach twists into a knot and your heart begins to race. Your home has been completely ransacked and stripped of not only your TV and stereo equipment, but many other valuables as well.

Burglary can leave you feeling completely violated. The thought of a complete stranger (and criminal) having been in your home, gone through your belongings, and seen pictures of you and your family literally haunt you. What if the burglar saw something else he wanted but didn’t have the means to take it at the time, such as a larger, more expensive item, or even worse, a precious member of your family. If the burglar is sinister enough to commit burglary, what else is this thug capable of doing?

It’s an awful feeling and it takes most people months or years to stop thinking about it and to feel safe again in their own home.

Burglary is the most common threat to your home. Take a look at some of today’s disturbing statistics:

  • 1 in 5 homes will experience a burglary.
  • A burglary is committed in the U.S. every 15 seconds.
  • Up to 80% of homes are burglarized via a "locked" door or window.

By definition, burglary is a property crime that typically takes place when no one is home. Most home burglaries occur during the day when most people are at work. Burglaries also increase during the summer months of July and August when people are away on vacation.

Burglaries typically do not occur randomly. Burglars actually target specific homes using a carefully thought-out selection process. The selection process is simple: Choose a home that offers easy access and optimal escape routes.

Keeping this useful information in mind, you can use it to your advantage and minimize the risk of your home being a target during a burglar’s selection process. You can do so by adding multiple layers of security to your home to both deter and prevent a criminal from ever entering it.

The Security Onion: The More Layers The Better.

Layer 1 – Lighting & Timers:

  • Use timers to turn on a radio or television while you’re away
  • Add outdoor LED security motion lighting to the perimeter of your home.
  • Install a couple of light timers inside your home to give the appearance of occupancy when you are not there.

Layer 2 – Home Alarm:

  • ALWAYS keep your alarm system set!
  • Prominently display the signs that come with your alarm system. This will serve as an added deterrent for criminals.
  • Remember: An alarm system won’t stop a burglar from entering your home, but the blaring siren can act as a great deterrent and encourage him to flea the premises.
  • Install an obscenely loud alarm system that contains glass break sensors, motion detectors, back-up cellular dialer, wireless panic buttons, and external strobe lights.

Layer 3 - Windows & Glass:

  • Treat all accessible windows and sliding glass doors with glass protection film.
  • Install anti-lift mechanisms to the interior of windows that slide vertically (up and down).
  • Insert a metal rod or solid wooden closet dowel into the tracks of accessible patio doors and windows that slide horizontally (sideways).

Layer 4 – Doors:

  • Install high quality dead bolts to all entry doors.
  • All entry doors should be made of solid wood or metal.
  • Reinforce all exit door hinges with 3-inch steel screws.
  • Peepholes should be within viewing level and have a wide-angle lens.
  • Install a high quality security door brace at the base of the interior side of entry doors (the brace must be able to withstand at least 1800 pounds of force).

Layer 5 – Landscaping:

  • Be sure to cut back all landscaping near or around the perimeter of your home.
  • Landscaping is beautiful, but it serves as a cover for the intruder to hide in the darkness.

Protecting your home and family is all about multiple layers of security, so that any attempt a burglar makes to break into your home is met with not one or two but "several" layers of preventative security measures. By implementing multiple security measures, your home will require more effort and skill than most burglars are willing to put forth and significantly reduce the likelihood of your home being marked as a burglar’s next target.

Jordan Frankel, commonly known as The Security Sensei develops revolutionary security products and solutions that protect both lives & property. Countless agencies and corporations such as NASDAQ, the US Military, and law enforcement entrust Mr. Frankel with their security and safety. Jordan Frankel is also frequent media guest addressing the personal and financial consequences associated with home invasions, burglaries and other serious threats. In addition, Mr. Frankel's security products & inventions have been featured on Oprah, FOX news and in countless publications. Jordan's ability to outsmart the proverbial bad guys - coupled with his commitment to making security an affordable reality for everyone is the key to Global Security Experts Inc success. Mr. Frankel (The Security Sensei) is available for media interviews by appointment only.

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