Door Jamb Reinforcement Systems vs. Security Door Braces: The Truth Behind Preventing Door Kick-Ins Leading to Home Invasions and Burglaries

Imagine being startled awake from your bed in the early morning hours by masked men armed with guns. You don't have to experience such a nightmare to envision the terror you'd feel. As most victims describe, it's one of the most horrifying moments of their lives. Unfortunately, it's also what it takes for most homeowners to invest in their home's security.

But purchases driven by fear can lead to costly mistakes. In the rush to protect yourself and your family, you can wind up with a less effective device that costs more than necessary to increase the overall security of your home. One such device is a door jamb reinforcement system. While door jamb systems are better than nothing at all, there's a much easier and affordable way to secure the entry doors to your home, and that's with a simple device called a security door brace.

The Importance of Increasing the Security of Your Front Door

In a recent news story posted by, a 77-year-old woman out of North Toledo, Ohio, became the victim of a home invasion for the second time in one week. According to the news report, the home invasion was carried out by two men in the early morning hours. They gained entry into the home by kicking in the front door. In addition to stealing the woman's television, the criminals assaulted her disabled son during the second home invasion.

In another story released by The Seattle Times, three men—two of which were armed with guns—invaded the home of a Tacoma, Washington family. According to the story, the men kicked down the front door around 2:00 a.m. After forcing the family members to the living room, including two children, they began demanding money and the purses of the two female victims while they ransacked the home.

While the criminals in each of these stories were not one in the same, they gained entry into the homes of their victims in the same manner that many home invasion and burglaries occur—by kicking in the front door. This is a common practice among home invaders and burglars, as they know that it doesn't take much more than a few forceful kicks or body slams to thwart a standard locked door free of its door jamb. They also know that a lot of homeowners rely on nothing more than standard door locks and deadbolts for security.

What They Don't Tell You About Door Jamb Reinforcement Systems

While the weaknesses of a standard entry door are what home security companies and their salespeople use to convince homeowners into buying their door jamb reinforcement systems, here's what they don't tell you:

  • Door jamb reinforcement systems can take hours to install. Despite how easy that demonstration video makes it look, in most cases, it takes the skill and experience of a professional to properly install such a complex door security device. Not only does the door moulding have to be removed and reinstalled, a lot of touch-up work is required. Numerous holes must be drilled into the door jamb and the metal jamb pieces are esthetically unpleasing.
  • Door reinforcement systems aren't cheap. The cost of a quality door jamb system begins at around $200.00, but that's if you install the system yourself. With professional installation, you can easily spend $500 or more.
  • A door jamb system is only as good as its weakest link. Even if a door jamb system withstands the force of a criminal's body slams or kicks, your current standard deadbolt won’t! It will simply crumble under the attack, allowing the door to swing open. For a jamb system to be effective, the deadbolt has to be upgraded, which can cost $200 in itself. Add this to the cost of the original door jamb reinforcement kit, and you're talking $600 to $800 total to secure a single entry door.
  • Door jamb systems have a few unsightly cosmetic issues. One of the problems with jamb reinforcement systems is that as your door opens and closes, the factory-painted metal door jamb inserts eventually become scratched and faded. As this happens, you can expect the metal frames to rust over time.

The Alternative: A Security Door Brace—An Inexpensive, Easy to Install, and Highly Effective Way to Stop Intruders

While security door braces are nothing new, the technology behind today's quality door brace systems make them an ideal home security device for homeowners and renters alike. In comparison to a door jamb reinforcement system, a security door brace outperforms in each of the following ways:

  • High quality security door brace systems are highly affordable. Top quality door braces are those that are proven to withstand in upwards of 1800 pounds of violent force. Yet such a quality home security device costs as little as $100.00. How can that be? The affordability of such a quality device can be found in its simple, yet ingenious design. You can easily protect up to three to five doors with a door security brace installed on each of them for the cost of a single jamb reinforcement system.
  • A security door brace can be installed by most consumers in less than 15 minutes. Even the most difficult of installations takes no more than 30 minutes. With no moulding to remove or reinstall, there's no mess involved or handyman to pay.
  • Security door braces don't require deadbolt upgrades to be effective. A security door brace utilizes both the strength of the floor and the door to produce an incredibly strong barrier. A security door brace won't allow a door to swing open, regardless if the door is locked or unlocked. This eliminates the need to upgrade your deadbolt, as the deadbolt offers very few advantages. Locksmiths nationwide praise such devices.
  • Door braces are maintenance-free. A high quality door brace is manufactured using specialized rust-resistant polysulfide materials vs. metals. There are no maintenance or cosmetic issues to worry about over time.

All it takes is a little online investigating to understand why reinforcing the front door of your home is important. Locked doors are a common and preferred method of entry among burglars and other criminals, leaving residents at risk for home invasions, burglaries, and other heinous crimes. A security door brace can be a much more effective and affordable way to secure your home and protect you and your family than that of a door jamb reinforcement system.

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