Window Protection Film

Glass protection film has long been a popular security device among homeowner associations, law enforcement agencies, locksmiths, and businesses. Now, with the ease and convenience of do-it-yourself glass protection kits, homeowners can enjoy the security of professional-grade glass protection film without the high cost of a professional security window film installer.

The Importance of Glass Protection Film

One of the most common ways burglars and other intruders gain entry into a home or office building is by breaking the glass of a window or a door. National news reports and crime statistics are testimony to this fact.

In a recent Marion Star news report out of Marion, Ohio, an observant resident reported what she suspected was a burglary in progress after hearing the sound of glass breaking coming from a neighbor’s home. When police arrived, they found the intruder in the basement of the vacant home. According to the article, the suspect had criminal tools in his possession.

While the outcome of this crime ended on a positive note, not every homeowner is as fortunate. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), U.S. Crime Statistics:

  • In 2011, law enforcement agencies reported over 2 million burglaries.
  • Residential properties accounted for approximately 75% of burglaries in 2011.
  • Over 60% of the burglaries that occurred in 2011 involved forcible entry.
  • Approximately $5 million in lost property was suffered by burglary victims in 2011.

Burglary, however, is not the only crime residents have to worry about. Home invasions are also on the rise, which can place victims at greater risk of more heinous crimes, such as rape, physical assault, and even murder. An effective way to protect you and your family against crimes such as these is to install a professional-grade glass protection film on your home’s most vulnerable windows.

What is Glass Protection Film and How Does it Work?

Made from a thin, optically clear layer of specially engineered polyester, the protection that security window film provides is far greater than that of standard or tempered glass. While it may look like nothing more than a thin piece of plastic, when properly applied to the interior of a glass window, security window film makes the glass virtually impenetrable, even with the most forceful of blows.

The security key to glass protection film is the amount of time and force it takes to penetrate it. While it may be possible for a would-be intruder to muster the strength and persistence to shatter the glass, it would require multiple, attention-getting strikes with a baseball bat, hammer, rock or brick to penetrate the nearly indestructible film—a risk most burglars, vandals, and other criminals are not willing to take.

What to Look for in a Do-it-Yourself Glass Protection Film Kit

Like any product, not all do-it-yourself glass protection film kits are of the same quality. While a company may claim their home security products are the best on the market, reputable companies that take their business seriously demonstrate the quality and efficacy of their products by conducting rigorous testing prior to placing them in the hands of their customers. In other words, they don’t just tout high quality, they back up their product claims with tangible evidence.

When selecting a quality do-it-yourself glass protection film kit, it is important to look for the following features:

    • Easy to Apply: A do-it-yourself glass protection film kit should include all of the installation hardware, tools, and instructions you need to apply the film to the glass panes of your windows. The security window film should not interfere with the use of the windows. They should continue to open and close as they did prior to the installation.
    • Easy to Maintain: A quality glass protection film should not require any special maintenance or upkeep. Other than an occasional cleaning with vinegar-based glass cleaner, there should be no other maintenance or cleaning involved.
    • High Visibility: Protective security window film should not obstruct the view through your windows in any way. The film should be as clear as the glass and undetectable to the human eye when applied.
    • Virtually Indestructible: For a glass protection film to be effective, it must be able to withstand forceful blows from the devices burglars commonly use to break into windows, such as rocks, bricks, hammers, and baseball bats. To ensure the product lives up to its claims, research the manufacturer in support of its reputation within the home security industry.

While ensuring the quality of every home security product is vital, high quality does not have to mean high prices. There are a number of high quality, do-it-yourself glass protection kits on the market that provide professional-grade security at a price that even the most budget-conscious of homeowners can afford.

Money-Saving Benefits of Do-It-Yourself Glass Film Protection Kits

Complete with installation hardware and instructions, do-it-yourself glass protection film kits provide homeowners with a way to secure their most vulnerable windows at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional security window film installer. The varying sizes of do-it-yourself window protection kits also help to cut back on the quantity and expense of the film required for the task at hand.

A reputable DIY glass protection film manufacturer should offer a variety of specialized security films to defend against burglaries, vandalism, and vehicle theft. The kits should be easy-to-work-with and specifically designed for small and large installations, such as French door window panes, sliding glass doors, and Bay windows.

Securing the weakest links of your home—your windows—is critical to protecting your family and property against burglars, vandals, and potentially violent intruders. Quality do-it-yourself glass protection film kits make that possible without the costly expense of a professional security window film installer.

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