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Jordan Frankel

For nearly two decades, Jordan Frankel, known throughout the crime prevention industry as the Security Sensei, has implemented his proven yet somewhat unorthodox approach to outsmarting the proverbial bad guys.

Mr. Frankel is often granted unprecedented access to home invasion and burglary victims, allowing him to interview both the families and law enforcement immediately following the crime. This is crucial on two fronts. First, reviewing the “Point of Penetration” (POP) zone before repairs are made is essential in preventing similar crimes in the future. Second, meeting with family members allows Mr. Frankel to offer expert security advice as to affordable security upgrades and better overall home crime prevention.

Considered as the go-to-guy for law enforcement, security professionals, and celebrities alike, Jordan's home security product inventions and expertise have been featured on Oprah, Fox News, and dozens of print publications.

Mr. Frankel is a proud member of the following organizations: