OnGARD Device Designed to Prevent Home Invasions

Most people envision theft as a stealthy operation - a crime carried out in the dead of night when no one is around. But home invasions are a different animal. These crimes are premeditated and purposely done when residents are home.

"It's a deliberate and brazen act," said Jordan Frankel, an internationally known security consultant and product inventor. "They target homes knowing people are home." That allows criminals to secure and get away with valuable items far more quickly, he said. "If you're not home it might take thieves a half hour to find the goods," Frankel said. "But if they are holding you captive they can be in and out in under five minutes - with very little exposure." The name of the game is intimidation. Home-invasion intruders often break down the front door and threaten residents with harm if they don't cooperate, he said.

But Frankel, vice president of security strategies for Global Security Experts Inc., says his company has patented a device that can help prevent these intrusions. The OnGARD Security Door Brace fortifies doorways so they can withstand multiple kicks or shoulder slams from a 250-pound intruder. "The device installs in under 10 minutes," explained Frankel, whose Atlanta-based company operates an office in the Whittier area. "It's very simple. All you need is a drill and a Phillips-head screwdriver."

With OnGARD, a plate is installed on the floor behind the interior of the door. That piece mates with another top plate, strengthening the door so it becomes virtually impossible to kick in. Los Angeles County sheriff's Sgt. Jason Walak, who works out of Industry, said home invasions don't necessarily follow a pattern.

"Sometimes people are just threatened, and other times they're tied up," he said. And in some cases, the unfortunate victims of home invasions are roughed up, Walak said. "It's not uncommon," he said. "Sometimes they'll want to create a show of force, so they'll deliver some force to the head of the family." Frankel said the OnGARD system is advertised via the media, locksmiths and security professionals. "An alarm system won't keep an intruder out, but our product will keep the bad guys on the outside," he said. "There's nothing else out there like this. It's made out of a polymer and not very heavy. And it won't rust, corrode or chip."

The OnGARD Security Door Brace sells for $139. "When we did our focus groups everyone thought it would come in at $200 to $215," Frankel said.

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