Global Security Experts Inc Invention Contest for Licensed Locksmiths and Security Professionals Offers $11,000 or Profit-Sharing Prize to Winner

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Jordan Frankel, world-renowned security professional and founder of Global Security Experts, announces an update to the company’s previously announced security invention contest. The inventors must have a professional locksmith or security background, and the grand prize winner will be able to choose between a prize of $11,000 or a profit-sharing option.

Global Security Experts announced an update to its innovative security invention contest: applicants must be licensed locksmiths or security professionals, and the grand-prize winner will be able to choose between an $11,000 prize and an exciting profit-sharing option.

Locksmiths and security professionals are now invited to submit innovative security-related inventions or development concepts to the Global Security Experts Inventor’s Contest. There are now three requirements for submissions: applicants must be licensed locksmiths or security professionals, all invention and concept submissions must be related to home security, and the inventions or concepts must retail for $99 or less.

“We’re looking for the next best home security product or concept that will really make a difference by making homes safer, and there’s no better place to look than to professional locksmiths and security professionals,” Frankel said. “It’s important to me that the contest submissions are realistic and feasible, and no one knows how to keep homes secure more than locksmiths and security professionals.”

Invention submissions can be either physical security or electronic security products, like deadbolts, door reinforcement systems, surveillance cameras, and lighting systems. Entries can be in the form of refined concept drawings, concept descriptions, or photos or descriptions of actual prototypes already in the works.

The deadline for entry submission is December 31, 2013. Entries must be submitted electronically to Inventions(at)Globalsecurityexperts(dot)com.

Frankel, known worldwide as the Security Sensei, is a world-renowned security expert and inventor himself, as well as an elite member of the Society of Professional Locksmiths. Frankel acts as a go-to security consultant for the Society of Professional Locksmiths, offering his expert advice based on years of experience in the security industry.

Frankel’s ground-breaking security inventions, like his newest creation, the OnGARD security door brace, have been praised on several national television shows and in newspapers throughout the country, including Fox News, the Rachael Ray Show and CNN.

“The OnGARD residential door brace is definitely a home security game changer,” said Tom Lynch, President of the Society of Professional Locksmiths. “Once again, Jordan has invented one of the easiest and most affordable home security products on the market.”

Frankel has also completed numerous security makeovers and trainings for celebrities, CEOs and even former presidents of the United States. Law enforcement officials in the United States and across the world have worked with Frankel as a leading security resource for almost 20 years. Frankel frequently makes guest appearances on various media outlets, and he has penned several security articles for the most esteemed security publications in the world.

Frankel looks forward to reviewing each and every invention submission personally. Members of the Society of Professional Locksmiths will also review all submissions for ease of installation and overall functionality.

For more information on the prize options, for any queries regarding the contest, or to submit an entry, email Inventions(at)Globalsecurityexperts(dot)com.

The Security Sensei is available for media interviews regarding his security training and services, along with Global Security Experts’ security products, including OnGARD, BlastGARD, BurglarGARD and more.

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About Global Security Experts: For nearly two decades, the professionals at Global Security Experts have been providing affordable, customized home security solutions for the everyday citizen. The company offers state-of-the-art security devices and physical deterrents to home invasion, as well as on-site training to families, businesses and individuals worldwide. Owner Jordan Frankel, known as the Security Sensei, is a highly-trusted authority in the field of residential security. To find out what Global Security Experts can do for you, visit

Jordan Frankel, commonly known as The Security Sensei develops revolutionary security products and solutions that protect both lives & property. Countless agencies and corporations such as NASDAQ, the US Military, and law enforcement entrust Mr. Frankel with their security and safety. Jordan Frankel is also frequent media guest addressing the personal and financial consequences associated with home invasions, burglaries and other serious threats. In addition, Mr. Frankel's security products & inventions have been featured on Oprah, FOX news and in countless publications. Jordan's ability to outsmart the proverbial bad guys - coupled with his commitment to making security an affordable reality for everyone is the key to Global Security Experts Inc success. Mr. Frankel (The Security Sensei) is available for media interviews by appointment only.

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