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Cpt. Kathleen Jacobson

Transportation Battalion, United States Military.

I know for a fact that ShatterGARD's window film is saving lives. It takes more than an Army to win a war, and ShatterGARD contributes to the fight on a daily basis.

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VehicleGARD Do It Yourself Glass Protection Film Kits

Enlisted by the Military. Recruited by Law Enforcement, Protecting Civilians. VehicleGARD Do It Yourself Glass Protection Film Kits (Security & Safety Window Film Kits) is like having an invisible coat of armor between you and carjackers, car thieves and vandals. In the unlikely event that the glass is broken, VehicleGARD holds all the pieces together, protecting occupants from injury, as well as denying entry to a potential thief or random act of violence.

Until now a car alarm system was the only way to fight vehicle crime. But today most people will ignore the sound of a blaring car alarm, assuming it is simply another pesky false alarm. This leaves vehicles vulnerable to theft or vandalism.

VehicleGARD prevents carjacking, car theft and helps keep dangerous shards of glass in tact during an accident. If attacked, VehicleGARD glass protection film provides the precious seconds needed to escape danger.

In the unlikely event that the glass is broken, VehicleGARD holds all the pieces together, protecting occupants from injury, as well as denying entry to a potential thief or assailant.

Each kit includes an instructional video and application tools ensuring a proper fit for virtually every vehicle. VehicleGARD's pressure-sensitive adhesive allows sufficient time to properly adjust and position the film on the glass. Professional installation is available upon request. Call or E-mail for Fleet Discounts.

Global Security Experts/ShatterGARD Inc. is not responsible for improper and/or unrealistic performance claims by independent dealers and installers, and does not guarantee its - film products against glass and/or ballistic related injuries. It is the sole responsibility of the end user to determine whether the product is suitable for their requirements.

VehicleGARD Features
  • Available in optically clear, or heat and glare reducing tinted versions.
  • Customized self-installed peel & stick kits include installation tools & instructions.
  • Prevents deadly flying glass stemming from vehicle accidents.
  • Virtually indestructible film creates an invisible coat of armor between you and violent assailants.

  • Ideal for:

    Families and Individuals, Fleet Vehicles, Antique and Specialty Vehicles, Law Enforcement and Military
    VehicleGARD Tech Specs
    Performance Results
    VG-C400 VG-S350
    Solar Transmittance 80 50
    Solar Absorptance 14 44
    Solar Reflectance 6 6
    Visible Light Transmission 90 31
    Visible Light Absorptance 2 64
    Visible Light Reflectance (Exterior) 8 5
    Visible Light Reflectance (Interior) 8 6
    Emmissivity 0.91 0.86
    U-Value (Summer) 1.08 0.96
    U-Value (Winter) 1.14 1.03
    Shading Coefficient 0.97 0.74
    Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.83 0.65
    UV Transmittance (300-350 Nanos)% < 2 < 2
    Total Solar Energy Rejected 17 36
    Physical and Thermal Properties
    VG-C400 (Clear) VG-S350 (Tinted)
    Tensile Strength ASTM D 882 (PSI) 30,000 30,000
    Elongation At Break ASTM D 882 (%) 160 160
    Yield Stress (5%) ASTM D 882 (PSI) 15,750 15,750
    Break Strength (lbs./in.) 122 122
    Yield Strength (5%) (lbs./in.) 64 64
    Tear Strength ASTM D 1004 Graves Tear Test (Initial) 6.8 6.8
    Tensile Modulus ASTM D 882 (PSI) 558,000 558,000
    Puncture Strength ASTM D 4830 (lbs.) 71 71
    Peel Strength (grams/inch of width) 3,300 3,300
    Poisson's Ratio ASTM D 882 0.40 0.40
    Abrasion Resistance (%) ASTM D 1003-92 ASTM D 1044 100 Cycles < 5 < 5
    ANZI Z 97.1 Pass Pass
    CPSC CFR 1201, Category II Fail Fail
    GSA Security Criteria Performance Condition Daylight Application (4 PSI / 28 PSI/msec) 3b 3b
    BS 6206, Class C Pass Pass
    Flame Spread Index ASTM D 882 2 2
    Smoke Index ASTM D 882 31 31
    Flash Temperature (°F) ASTM D 1929 735 735
    Melting Point (°C) 263 263
    Self Ignition (°F) ASTM D 1929 755 755

    Note: This test data contains results arrived at only after employing specific test procedures and standards. The included data does not constitute a recommendation for, endorsement of, or certification of the product or material tested. This data is provided for informational purposes only. ShatterGARD Safety & Security Window Films, Inc. makes no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose that its products will conform to these test data. Extrapolation of data from the sample or samples relating to the batch or lot from which data were obtained may not correlate and should be interpreted accordingly with caution. ShatterGARD shall not be responsible for variations in quality, composition, appearance, performance, or other feature of similar subject matter produced by persons or under conditions over which ShatterGARD has no control. Performance results were generated from testing varying thicknesses of clear glass surfaces and are subject to variations within industry standards. Testing data is subject to change without notice.
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