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Global Security Experts Inc. designs award-winning, affordable - and effective - residential security products. We are the go-to home security resource for homeowners and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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Funds Raised for German Shepherd Stabbed in Buffalo Grove Home Invasion. Protecting The Family Pet! https://t.co/SbqlbUSYOK
RT @irfida: @SecuritySensei_ TY4 Following-#sharukh https://t.co/KIt4C2LcQY A renowned #security #experts :Jordan Frankel is also a #produc…
@GNASafeSchool the following product may interest you https://t.co/9HmWGMKR4s Utilized for school safety as well as residential security.
Home Invasion Prevention : The OnGARD Door Security Brace | https://t.co/6EDbWDj45A add your name to the VIP waiting list today
Door Security Products by OnGUARD | Preventing Home Invasions & Door kick ins https://t.co/P3VijtuqS3 #homeinvasiontraining
Zillow Real Estate Website Features Home Security Expert Mr. Jordan Frankel. https://t.co/LjkDNUazp3
Bullied teen kills herself in front of her family - https://t.co/cJQXhV72aM #talktoyourkids #hugyourkids
Window & Glass Protection Films By ShatterGARD ShatterGUARD. Available In Your Hometown!! https://t.co/ALM1Ayuenn
Home Security Expert & Frequent Media Guest : Jordan Frankel Shares Secret Security Tips https://t.co/360Z9aSu4g
@Starbucks Chastain Square Atl GA location is 75 degrees - staff says they cant lower heat or activate AC. Customers leaving store!
Residential Safe/Spaces Don't confront an intruder.https://t.co/DsYYWi3GO8 #safe #alcorbi #askthesecuritysensei
Retired officer shoved in bathroom during home invasion | #0ngarddoorbrace https://t.co/m2XbZYbRji
Do It Yourself Window Glass Protection Film Kits | Security Window Film Kits https://t.co/MblWvU5ocz #doityourself
The Surprising Role Motion-Activated Lights Play in Home Security - LED Security Lighting https://t.co/t8fQAfeaRO #protectyourfamily
Don`t Let a Burglar Ruin the Holiday Season https://t.co/X9Bw85CJH6 #0ngarddoorbrace
Home Security Tips by security expert Jordan Frankel https://t.co/9YF1cE9ak0 #protectyourfamily
Yoga instructor who studied martial arts in Texas kills two home invaders | https://t.co/REksX3m6bd #Homeinvasionprevention
@Starbucks Chastain Sq GA, asked a employee very politely if she could put on the AC. Location is very warm. She stated its not her job! 😕
A woman thought she had shot an intruder. It turned out she killed a friend. - https://t.co/4fL0G60wEH #homeinvasiontraining #sadevent
Robber kicks in door during home invasion - Are you prepared? https://t.co/t29WuSnd2A
Car windows broken overnight in Alexandria . Problem solved by https://t.co/DCJ4LcGV7N glass protection film, https://t.co/YS21gLVN2o
Door Security Products by OnGUARD | Preventing Home Invasions & Door kick ins https://t.co/P3VijtuqS3
Home Security Expert, Jordan Frankel, Commonly Known as the Security Sensei, Offers Expertise to the Media https://t.co/H0reBKsWEu