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Global Security Experts Inc. designs award-winning, affordable - and effective - residential security products. We are the go-to home security resource for homeowners and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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Grandmother attacked, robbed during home invasion | https://t.co/i2HkqEdLCp Prevent home invasions @ https://t.co/n2siRcJ2ya
RT @SecuritySensei_: BlastGARD Window Film Stops Flying glass from Becoming a Weapon/www.prweb.com/releases/2005/01/prweb192729.htm #Synago…
BlastGARD Window Film Stops Flying glass from Becoming a Weapon/www.prweb.com/releases/2005/01/prweb192729.htm #Synagoguesecurity @cnn
Victim uses Facebook to help catch home invasion suspect https://t.co/v98roAMOH3 #Homeinvasionprevention #OnGARDsecuritydoorbrace
@LoriGreiner Talk about useful, effective and affordable! Preventing Violent Home Invasions Worldwide. https://t.co/t29WuSEOra
VehicleGARD Do-It-Yourself Glass Protection Film Now Available in Self-Installation Kit https://t.co/RfLCLyH6iW
OnGARD Solar Powered Smart Dummy Camera Designed by the Security Sensei: Looks Like the Real Thing - https://t.co/XO3HM2X3gk
Security Window Film Expert from ShatterGARD Educates NYC Area Security Professionals https://t.co/7RExur6qZE
USA Today Opens the Door to Security Through "Home Safety & Security" Campaign via Jordan Frankel https://t.co/bYHaqlhqLN
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Meridian man's pet squirrel goes nuts on burglar - https://t.co/TsVpBewnut #toughsquirrel
Dog shot during violent home invasion. |https://t.co/CsCA9Jfc5z #crateyou'repetatbedtime
Never hunt or confront an intruder otherwise you may wind up being shot at like this individual. | https://t.co/1qB9GQbPxv #securitysensei
U.S. Crime Trends - How the U.S. Economy Affects Violent and Property Crime Rates https://t.co/iA1Nl4AJFM #0ngarddoorbrace
Outdoor Security Lighting | The brightest civilian security light produced. Startle Criminals away https://t.co/0tWxkUQM9C #securitysensei
Police Chief on violent crime: ‘We cannot do this alone’ | https://t.co/ZfTgnWSMBR https://t.co/d4H7Nzb3Bh #0ngarddoorbrace
Police rescue women during home invasion in SW Philadelphia | https://t.co/oJXp6cWAAb Install a https://t.co/9HmWGMKR4s today.
Glass Protection Film Kits by BurglarGARD | Security Window Film Kits https://t.co/yRHcPJPx5T
Home Security Alert! - Beware of Home Security Service Scammers https://t.co/UXVOxvz13T #protectyourfamilynow
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The SMART Dummy Camera | fools and deters would-be Intruders https://t.co/N71ueBxhwr
Make your home more safe and secure in 2017 https://t.co/OPVZeTnhqe #ShatterGARDglassprotectionfilm at https://t.co/qJjv5555b8
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