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Global Security Experts Inc. designs award-winning, affordable - and effective - residential security products. We are the go-to home security resource for homeowners and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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@sprintcare Are you kidding @sprint? The speeds goes up and all day long. Zipcode 30342 2mbps is unacceptable!… https://t.co/zE2zcMyYFJ
Watch "How to do Jujinage - Self-defense & Aikido. @rougewarriorstc @Roguewarriors13 https://t.co/8DURQVc2BV
Dog shot, killed during home invasion. #Heartbreaking #OnGARDsecuritydoorbrace
@sprintcare @sprint Throttling 30342! Speeds under 3mbps @fccgov
@sprintcare what is going on in 30342? Purchased s8+ had speeds up to 40 mbps first 3 days and now under 3mbps. Zip… https://t.co/dLZ013ktOK
Watch "How to do Iriminage - TenShin Aikido #takingaikidoback" on YouTube https://t.co/fQ0QEyjB0b
The OnGARD Security Door Brace : The Future In Preventing Home Invasions & Burglaries https://t.co/rJqVq0YUuQ #Homeinvasionprevention
Teen dies from too much caffeine, coroner says - https://t.co/XCAgUALoXl #attentionparents #caffeinekills
'Real Housewife' Dina Manzo Victim In Home Invasion - https://t.co/9HmWGMKR4s #homeinvasionprevention
‘RHONJ’ Star Dina Manzo Beaten During Home Invasion Robbery In NJ https://t.co/P1OZ2DKHKw #homeinvasionprevention #OnGARDsecuritydoorbrace
Guy Finds Underground Russian Bunker https://t.co/LRLCwYI181 A little different from what I design for my clients | https://t.co/kmv8gcbjxD
Jordan Frankel | The Security Sensei Bio https://t.co/YhJZQSmDQb #Homeinvasionprevention #OnGARDsecuritydoorbrace #secureyourself
These man hardly look like Ninja's "Ninja Robbers" convicted in home invasions, robberies https://t.co/59M9II3puV https://t.co/85sC10Inor
Phone Addiction Maybe The New Nicotine. Hooked on your phone? https://t.co/RHMeVIGPyO #mentalhealth
13 Easy (And Not-So-Obvious) Home Hacks To Make Your House Safe https://t.co/jXwWbrfYjh #0ngardsecuritydoorbrace
RT @RogueWarriorsTC: TenShin Aikido - Kosa Dori Ikkyo like you've never seen BEFORE!: https://t.co/udncbSDlzk via @YouTube
Flying to Los Angeles! VIP client home breached. Vulnerability assessment & interviewing detectives. #askthesecuritysensei @CNN @ASIS_Intl
Stop Burglars In Their Tracks. Do It Yourself Window Protection Film Kits | Security Window Film Kits https://t.co/skoEgyOr4k #shattergard
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Home Security Alert! - Beware of Home Security Service Scammers https://t.co/8SnprxOdDX #0ngardsecuritydoorbrace #askthesecuritysensei
Security Sensei’s Home Invasion Prevention Training and Revolutionary OnGARD Security Door Brace. https://t.co/84RHueWj6S @roguewarriorstc
To all my follower's a safe and secure weekend! https://t.co/SNy50PKiYp #homeinvasionprevention #0ngardsecuritydoorbrace @cnn
What Residents Should Know About Criminals Who Commit Burglary and Home Invasions https://t.co/cOzv3MW04H #homeinvasiontraining
Football players charged with home invasion | https://t.co/rn5MNVVCkp Do you ever really know who your opening the door for?
School closed amid fears after Denver hail storm shattered windows https://t.co/o0728DpTGT @denverpost see: https://t.co/qJjv5555b8
Home Invasions Are Very Real! Man killed in home invasion, https://t.co/22y2jJ94ol #0ngardsecuritydoorbrace #homeinvasiontraining