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Global Security Experts Inc. designs award-winning, affordable - and effective - residential security products. We are the go-to home security resource for homeowners and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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RT @AssistanceDogs: This year we placed our first ever Assistance Dogs for Dementia.Find out how it's going here: https://t.co/jltjEyoF8D
Home security options for every family's budget - as usual the inexperienced omitted the https://t.co/KxjgJ99Jub https://t.co/vSr6DGVkIs
'It's Terrifying:' Police Investigate 2 Home Invasions Within 2 Hours | #homeinvasiontips @ https://t.co/KBaMFZB2BX https://t.co/hiIECXw4xu
Police: Home invasion suspect was shooting to kill https://t.co/2GxYabZ2n5 #homeinvasionprevention @ https://t.co/KBaMFZB2BX
Nearly 50 Georgia correctional officers arrested for drug trafficking - https://t.co/BDmyXBd47w https://t.co/wzgSQehJLP
RT @sopl_us: Florida Locksmith Company Officials Permanently Banned from Doing Business in Minn. https://t.co/wdbjbl3s75 via @KSTP
Homeowner captures brazen home invasion on camera https://t.co/p2rALknmg9 #homeinvasionprevention @ https://t.co/KBaMFZB2BX
Security Window Films. Protecting the Protectors. https://t.co/CgzF0u561C #DIYglassprotectionkits a https://t.co/x9HL9dGUu7
Are Your Parents Safe?Elderly couple targeted in home invasion https://t.co/ELgGhgqFKu Home Security Tips @ https://t.co/KBaMFZB2BX
As silly as it sounds, don`t open the door for strangers, install a quality peephole and always have a phone in... https://t.co/2dF3eCnDfQ
A rare opportunity to hear a violent offender address the crime that changed a families life forever.... https://t.co/FAtU0BKN6j
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Security Expert Jordan Frankel Introduces the "Find A Locksmith" Feature on the Global Security Experts Inc. Website https://t.co/RsyO3wnB7n
I've waged war on short violent home invasion sentences in Wash. I'm now seing progress Man gets 100-year sentence. https://t.co/oeENOnATzA
Three legged Pitbull helps stop armed Home Invasion. #homeinvasionprevention https://t.co/k8WnxW5csG
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Consumer Security Alert! 1 Dead After Home Invasion; Homeowner Posted Craigslist Ad https://t.co/SeNvU8s6Qq #homeinvasionprevention
https://t.co/ozdLg2u2wD to the rescue :-) String of vandalism and broken windows at businesses https://t.co/dnmoxvdPE8 #glassprotection
It is so important to maintain situational awareness. Another home invasion! | https://t.co/OJJ2M5ijgQ https://t.co/HN2SBPhoc1
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