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Global Security Experts Inc. designs award-winning, affordable - and effective - residential security products. We are the go-to home security resource for homeowners and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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@KPGeorgia Your welcome. I will be seeing my doctor again soon and will observe if the tanks are still being stored appropriately.
You have all the details including a photo. I just walked out of the patient exam room that contains numerous oxyge… https://t.co/SwtUQ7BBo2
@KPSCALnews @kp remove the following flammable oxygen tanks from the patient examination room at 1100 Lakehearn Dr… https://t.co/hjBOJaucuF
@Ticketmaster What is wrong with both the Ticketmaster app and website? I can't purchase tickets. See attachment https://t.co/QmNgSWqTGV
@RogueWarriorsTC I think you could find a business niche in martial arts fitness.
Victims' rights advocate issues warning about one of america's most underreported crimes: Home invasion… https://t.co/Na5wNBynxn
The OnGARD Security Door Brace - The Future in Preventing Home Invasions & Burglaries, Designed by Jordan Frankel. https://t.co/cU5kTTEwfU
@comcastcares Internet and cable down in metro Atlanta. Zip code 30342. Neighbor's internet and cable is also down.
@ElPolloLoco Failure is not an ingredient we’re familiar with. YET YOU CLOSED YOUR RESTAURANTS IN ATLANTA GA 🙄😭😔
@ElPolloLoco Please return/re-open in Atlanta georgia.
@sprintcare Don't bother! it's not a phone thing it's a Sprint thing. My friend is sitting right next to me with hi… https://t.co/5XwpxXLefq
@sprintcare two nights in a row texts getting stuck in send box. Zip 30342 Updated Profile etc. Again two nights in a row
@nectarsleep @bbb_us I spoke with this rep a week ago, this is the second time this has happened where a represen… https://t.co/kZCSnEzT9G
@nectarsleep @bbb_us I've dealt w 2 different representatives @ Nectar via email regarding White Glove exchange & b… https://t.co/9bObxSBQZm
3D guns: Untraceable, undetectable and unstoppable? 3D guns: Untraceable, undetectable and unstoppable? https://t.co/uyG6GCilXC
@comcastcares cable and wifi out in my neighborhood. I know of 3 neighbor's with same issue. Starlight Dr 30342
@nectarsleep @bbb_us @FTC Horrible customer service A supervisor was supposed to call me today regarding my detect… https://t.co/6yyW5XZJ5j
Security Door Brace. The OnGARD Prevents Burglaries & Home Invasions https://t.co/Ih5BDWw9qc
@nectarsleep Being closed image displays the only message I received from nectar. https://t.co/vqOqAq8Yin