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Real-Time Home Invasion News

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Social Media can be life threatening! Missouri mom’s body found after she met Facebook friend | https://t.co/9OkxnZQOdM
RT @NETGEAR: Hey @SecuritySensei_. How do you ensure secure #WiFi while travelling? Any experience carrying your own mobile hotspot?
@NETGEAR I know of no full proof way of 100% securing any WiFi network while traveling. Nor is any network full proof - traveling or not.
Alleged Home Invaders Pretend to Be Police Officers, Get Shot https://t.co/qKWMEiarXq #situationalawareness
Security experts warns travelers to shield boarding pass information https://t.co/3f95k1Sm3i
All home violent home invasions are tragic, however this is especially sad. #homeinvasionprevention https://t.co/aTRd8HIQJO
As you can see from the news article - the door was defeated by punching a hole through the cheap pressboard wood. https://t.co/Enp2dmQCIC
Robber's gun jams as he tries to shoot hero in the head. https://t.co/5xGoSBfegU #situationalawareness
Couple, 7-year-old son shot and killed in Columbus home invasion | https://t.co/igfMNjoKmr #ongardhomesecuritydoorbrace
The Security Sensei is Offering New Training on Home Invasion Prevention for Single Women and Families https://t.co/ciHeXihpSr
Do Home Alarm Systems Really Make You Safe? Ask Jordan Frankel https://t.co/uGqm7qSrOt #ongardhomesecuritydoorbrace
@ArchangelEM I will accept the invite as soon as it shows up. Thank you
Outdoor Motion Lighting | STARTLE, Brightest Led Security Light Produced | Home Security and More https://t.co/JXrIgoUf5p
What is A Home Invasion? Home Invasion Defined. wikihousing https://t.co/AB2ual8eDe #ongardhomesecuritydoorbrace
One of America’s most underreported crimes: home invasions https://t.co/I0WMkRC40z #homeinvasionprevention
Home Security for Women by the Jordan Frankel known as the security sensei. https://t.co/i1XjTsXMjl #homesecurityforwomen
Watch "Rachael Ray Demonstrates the Award Winning OnGARD Security Door Live" on YouTube https://t.co/haEhAivmG5
Problem: Home intruders kick in door, young mother grabs pistol, drives them off in gunfight. Solution = https://t.co/9HmWGMKR4s
@SecurityGem thank u for retweeting the STARTLE security light https://t.co/KBaMFZB2BX #securitylighting
RT @Lanternland: @SecuritySensei_ thanks for sharing The Security Sensei, have a great Thursday :) (insight by https://t.co/ixVgzaM9Nu)
RT @SecurityGem: Startle By Global Security Experts Will Scare Away Intruders @SecuritySensei_ https://t.co/agBD48nFG3 https://t.co/cDq8PcC…
The OnGARD Security Door Brace Prevents Burglaries & Home Invasions https://t.co/n41eIbAa0h
Home Security Tips from the Security Sensei https://t.co/lZoT5YwogH #homeinvasionprevention
Wishing everyone a safe and secure weekend. #situationalawareness https://t.co/x9HL9dGUu7
Up to 15 Vehicle windows shot out Saturday. It maybe time for https://t.co/DCJ4LcpjJd https://t.co/UqhwdVE0Qv #vehicleglassprotectionfilm.
BlastGARD Fragment Retention Film Prevents Flying Glass from Becoming a Deadly Terrorist Weapon #blastmitigation https://t.co/ZWQh8Wbg2a