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Avoid Simple Security Mistakes that Leave Your Hom...

Avoid Simple Security Mistakes that Leave Your Home and Family Vulnerable to Burglary & Home Invaders

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With all the responsibilities people have to keep up with these days, it has become increasingly difficult for families to focus on security and safety. It's for this reason that many homeowners make very simple, yet easily avoidable security mistakes that leave their home and their family vulnerable to burglary and violent crimes.

If you're like most families, you live a very busy life. And after a long day of keeping up with the house, grocery shopping, preparing dinner, and running the kids to and from ballet lessons and football practice, all you want to do is find a cozy place inside the safe haven you call home. But is your home really safe?

With all the responsibilities people have to keep up with these days, it has become increasingly difficult for families to focus on security and safety. It's for this reason that many homeowners make very simple, yet easily avoidable security mistakes that leave their home and their family vulnerable to burglary and violent crimes.

The security mistakes people make at home are often quite innocent. For example, many homeowners mistakenly store their ladders on the side of their house, not realizing that they're potentially giving a burglar a gift of "access." The ladder you typically use to change a light bulb, trim tree branches, or paint your house with can be easily used by a criminal to climb through a second story window or balcony door, which many homeowners leave open or unlocked.

Fortunately, security mistakes like this are easily remedied. When it comes to a ladder, it's as simple as hanging it in the garage or storing it inside a locked shed. Where there's no ladder, there's less chance of an intruder gaining access into your home through that upper level window or door.

Correcting security mistakes in and around your home doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. All you have to do is take 15 minutes out of your day to walk your property and look for those little things that leave your home and family vulnerable.

As you assess your property, ask yourself this important question: what can I do to make things more difficult for the bad guys? The following are some important tips to help answer that question.

  • While on vacation, make sure to have a neighbor pick up your mail and newspapers—otherwise you may be cluing in the bad guys that your house is unoccupied.
  • Avoid leaving items outside your home that can be used to shatter glass or pry open a door or window. Keep all shovels, ladders, tools, etc. locked in your garage or shed.
  • Whether you have an alarm system or not, it’s still important to display alarm warning signage. You’d be surprised at how effective these signs can be in deterring criminals.
  • That beautiful tool shed sure comes in handy, but it does you no good if it isn't securely locked. If you leave your shed unsecured, you not only risk having your lawnmower, hedge trimmer, and tools stolen, but may also be giving a burglar just what he needs to gain entrance into your home.
  • Whenever you pull your car into the garage, be sure to close the door immediately. Otherwise, you risk having an intruder view that open door as an open invitation to enter your home. In addition, be sure not to leave your keys in your vehicle, and ensure all doors leading in and out of your garage are kept locked.
  • Exterior lighting is important, but lighting up your property like a baseball stadium only provides criminals with a clear visual of possible entry points into your home. Install motion lighting that activates only when a trespasser is physically on your property. The light will startle potential intruders when it activates, and by shutting off in a timely fashion, your energy costs will decrease.
  • Your home's exterior landscaping may add to your property's beauty, but it can also give an intruder an inconspicuous place to hide. To properly secure your home, it's important to cut back trees and shrubs around the perimeter of your house. It's also important to assess your property for taller trees, retaining walls, and fences that provide easy access to upper floors and balconies. If these cannot be removed, be sure the accessible windows and doors are properly reinforced and secured at all times.
  • Although alarm systems are an important part of any home security plan, many homeowners place too much trust and confidence in the false sense of security they provide. This is because most alarm systems sound after the intruder has already entered your home, leaving you very little time to seek safety and protect yourself and your family. The key to keeping the thugs on the outside where they belong is reinforcing your doors and windows. Optimizing the security of these main entry points can be as easy as installing high quality deadbolt locks, a security door brace, and glass protection film.

You and your family deserve to feel safe in your home. So don't make those simple little mistakes that so many homeowners make. Take a few minutes out of your busy life to focus on your home's security so that you can eliminate those open invitations and create the secure "safe haven" you and your family need.

Jordan Frankel, commonly known as The Security Sensei develops revolutionary security products and solutions that protect both lives & property. Countless agencies and corporations such as NASDAQ, the US Military, and law enforcement entrust Mr. Frankel with their security and safety. Jordan Frankel is also frequent media guest addressing the personal and financial consequences associated with home invasions, burglaries and other serious threats. In addition, Mr. Frankel's security products & inventions have been featured on Oprah, FOX news and in countless publications. Jordan's ability to outsmart the proverbial bad guys - coupled with his commitment to making security an affordable reality for everyone is the key to Global Security Experts Inc success. Mr. Frankel (The Security Sensei) is available for media interviews by appointment only.

Mr. Frankel is a proud member of:

The American Society for Industrial Security.

The International Association for Counter Terrorism & Security.

The Society of Professional Locksmiths.


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