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Residential Safe/Space
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Safe Rooms, Panic Rooms and Safe/Spaces for the Everyday Citizen

Residential Safe/Spaces or Safe-Rooms are no longer a luxury for the affluent or something you see just in the movies. Due to GSE` proprietary design Safe/Spaces are now a reality and affordable means of protecting millions of homeowners worldwide.

Few things are as frightening and potentially deadly as a home invasion. Though the FBI and local law enforcement do not track this daily threat to lives and property, Daily news headlines tell a very different story: from wealthy suburbs to middle class neighborhoods, deadly home invasions are very real. Today’s home invaders have no regard for human life; injuring or murdering a family is simply a means to an evil end: stealing valuables and cash.

The very nature of a home invasion - a phenomenon that transcends race, class, education and geography - reminds us that no one is immune from this increasingly lethal attack. All of which explains the added necessity of constructing a affordable Safe/Space, a fortified environment that acts as a protective refuge in the event of a home invasion or other threat. A place where families can gather to protect themselves from harm during that nail-biting period between the alarm sounding and the police arriving on scene.

Safe/Spaces designed and constructed by GSE can transform an ordinary walk-in closet, bathroom or bedroom into a homeowner's ultimate refuge. Best of all, the room retains its natural look-and-feel while safeguarding the lives of your family.

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Starting at *$14.999.00 from inception to installation.
*(Travel and lodging fees additional)