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I have window panels on both sides of my front and back doors. I am of course interested in the BurglarGARD and the OnGARD but would also like to consider upgrading the deadbolts. You have mentioned the MUL-T-LOCK. Will that work with the window panels? Also, is there a way to 'lock' the OnGard once it is in place? With the window panels, I would be concerned that the windows would be broken down low and the OnGARD brace would simply be removed. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Asked by C D from NC
Thank you for your question. If I understand your question correctly, then the BurglarGARD product is a great choice to treat the glass panels with. The film will slow-down an intruder from making entry and possibly reaching in and removing the OnGARD. The OnGARD does not lock in place - however this is for safey concerns in case of a fire etc. But keep in mind the intruder most likely will not have knowledge that you have an OnGARD in place. Also between attempting to shatter the glass and/or kick or push in the door the bad guy is doing exactly what he fears most -"Making attention getting noise" On to the Multi-T-Lock, this particular deadbolt offers a unique feature in that the inside turn knob(tutn key) is remove-able. For example if the intruder some how gets thru the glass he or she still cant unlike the door due to the fact the knob is not in place to turn to unlock the door. I hope I have addressed your concerns. Best Wishes,
Answered by Jordan Frankel, The Security Sensei
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