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My daughter recently moved out of the house on her own. Needless to say- as a dad I have both security & safety concerns. Can you suggestion a couple of affordable devices that will help protect my daughter and roomate. (btw: thay moved into a small cottage home - 850 sq feet) The rental home contains two doors, a sliding glass door and a small amount of windows. No alarm!

Thanks for your help

Asked by Dr. Steven J. from Long Island, New York
Hello, Thanks for the question- a few quick and inexpenisve items you can purchase are the following. If you dont plan on installing a alarm system then I would strongly suggest buying some alarm company signage and window decals to fool would-be criminals. In addition, I would install a couple of solar powered OnGARD dummy cameras (front and back of the house) these really work well in deterring burglars etc. Remember- criminals always look for an easy target. So if they see what they believe to be real cameras- they will move on to an easier home. And these 64.00 dollar dumy cameras look like NASA made them. :) Lastly, install the OnGARD security door brace on both doors. The OnGARD prevents the doors from being kicked in etc. My suggestions total approx $450.00 dollars. Money well spent! Regards, Jordan Frankel Security Sensei
Answered by Jordan Frankel, The Security Sensei
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