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Presently I take part in my Neighborhood Watch. With that said due to recent news events I am concerned I could be held accountable for the actions of a another Watch member. Do you know if I am correct?

Asked by Sally Dobbin from California
As a member of an official Neighborhood Watch committee, it's important to keep in mind that should someone within your group injure or, worse, kill someone, you and your entire neighborhood or association could be held accountable for the lack of judgment on the part of one individual. This is why it's important to ensure each member of your Neighborhood Watch program understands that it is their duty to report crime, not attempt to prevent it. As an added precaution, consult with an attorney to find out how your official crime watch committee can be released from legal liability should one member of the group or community disregard the guidelines set in place and take the law into their own hands. Please see: www.articlesbase.com/home-security-articles/the... Security Sensei
Answered by Jordan Frankel, The Security Sensei
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