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Sensei I am single working mother with a very limited budget for home security. And in the past 6 months my neighborhood has experienced a few break-ins. So what can I do on the “cheap” to better protect my home and two children?
Asked by Mary from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Ok- there are numerous things you can with spending little or no money. I like to call them- “Tricks of the trade” First off, place a very large dog water bowl and a pair of size 13 mans work boots near your front door. Burglars by nature are seeking the path of least resistance. With that said if the would-be intruder thinks you own a large dog or very large male resides at the home- well let’s just say in most cases- the thugs will move on to easier target. Secondly, place beware of dog and alarm system signage at the end of your driveway and around your property. Also, if your budget allows- I would strongly recommend installing security door braces on all your doors. The proper door brace can prevent a thug from kicking in a door.
Answered by Jordan Frankel, The Security Sensei
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