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I leave the porch light and the back porch lights on all night long. There is a motion sensor light over the garage at the front of the house and decorator lights in the flower beds at the front Is it really necessary to keep the lights on all night?
Asked by Mandy from Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Thanks for your question. So the key to deterring trespassers during the evening hours is utilizing high power LED motion activated lighting. When activated by an approaching criminal – the extremely bright light typically startles the intruder- sending them on to the next house. Properly positioned motion lighting is critical in having good security plan. The one caveat I would like to mention, it’s definitely okay to utilize leave low voltage landscape lighting around your property (used in conjunction with LED motion lighting). However YOU do not want to over light grounds. The more light you offer the potential intruder; the easier it is for he or she to surveil your property from the street etc. Stay Safe
Answered by Jordan Frankel, The Security Sensei
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